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Monday, July 02, 2007

Barry Bonds is A AllStar

Now am getting pretty tried of the press and the media, trashing Barry Bonds.

They are pushing there hate so much, that there trying to keep Barry Bonds, out of the All Star Game.

Now I understand that they hate Bonds, from over the years has told them to kiss his ass.

But to try to keep him out of the All Star game why, Barry is only 5 homeruns to making history. And that pisses of the the media. Not only does he tell the press kiss his ass, they belive he was taking sterodis.

so they write anything bad barry Bonds.

But I posse this question to the media. How can you try to keep the greatest homerun hitter of all time out. of the All Star Game?In the same season that Bonds, will brake the all time career homerun record.

What ever you the media and the press, must be taking drugs. Nuff said

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