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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Barry Bonds hit Career HomeRun 750; were have I been

Barry Bonds hit Career HomeRun 750; were have I been. All this time I have been posting about the greatest home slugger of all time. I let number 750, pass me by. I guess I need to give the Chris Benoit, story a brake. Naw, I can do both stories, amd much. However, lets get back to Barry Bonds, on his away to brake the All time career HomeRun record. Bonds, has hit 13 homeruns so far this this season. Bonds, is on pace to hit 35 homeruns for this season ( 2007 ).
Barry Bonds, is only 5 homeruns away to tie Hank Aaron, with 755 career homeruns, and of course Bonds, only needs 6 homeruns to brake the record. Now this is agreat season indeed.
Nuff Said.

Do you member these wrestlers ? Vince McMahon

Let these men and Miss Elizabeth, Rest in Peace. They are fallen athlets, that Died way to soon.

Do you member these wrestlers ? Vince McMahon. You should, and they all died way to early. Am not saying it is your companys fault or yours. However, lets say there life styles, were due to your WWE. Now these men and Miss Elizabeth, are gone from this world. In no other sport League do we loose, about 65 good people. about it Vince Kenndey McMahon. Nuff said

McMahon has called Benoit a "monster" in his interview on the Today show.

McMahon has called Benoit a "monster" in his interview on the Today show. Vince,even went say far to say that there was no way in telling what Benoit, was going to do. Here are McMahon's own word. "a mild-mannered individual. ... There was no way of telling this man was a monster." And here is some more trash out of the this SB. "Steroids may or may not have had anything to do with this, it's all speculation until the toxicology reports come back" These are McMahon's own words on the Today Show.
McMahon, you done puissed me off, now.

How can sit there and speak these words. Yes, Chris Benoit, was a Son Of a Bitch. You have no room to talk. You had to know Benoit, was taking drugs, the sterodis, and matter a fact I hope Congress test all of your Super Stars, not only that I hope Congress, makes you take a test.

You had to know about Eddie Guerrero, had a drug problem. which lead to his own death also.

McMahon, you are trying to cover the bullshit in your company. Which is okay, yet, do not trash these victims. Benoit, was a victim to himself, the same can go for Eddie Guerrero's drug use.

If Congress does not come down your League, then something is wrong with the system.
The WWE, Super Stars take these sterodis, so they stay freaky large. So they can keep there jobs with your company. However, that is my thoughts on it, and that is how I feel about this whole damn thing. Nuff Said

Friday, June 29, 2007

Chris Benoit's Doctor's Office was raided

Chris Benoit's Doctor's Office was raided, by the police. The Doctor' name is Dr. Phil Astin. Investigators said Dr. Phil Astin's name was on prescription bottles.

Special Agent Chuvalo Truesdell told People magazine, "There's definitely a nexus between the death investigation and the steroids that were given to Mr. Benoit,.

The doctor is a person of interest to us at this stage," Capt. Mike Pruitt, commander of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office drug task force, told People.

WWE said in a statement Benoit passed a random drug test in early April. Owner of the WWE,Vince Mcmahon said on the Today Show"The last test that Chris Benoit took of a random nature was in April which he was totally negative," Vince McMahon said on NBC's Today morning program. "That doesn't mean that he wasn't taking prescription medication and perhaps even steroids when this happened. We don't know."ner of the WWE, state's
Ok Vince, how did he pass the test. Now McMahon, you Damn well. That Benoit, was on sterodis. Stop trying to cover your ass. If you truely want to do the "right thing" then come clean. this is getting to the point that I want to throw my LabTop out the Damn Window.
Is there anybody that believes Vince.
After all he faked his own death. On his own show a week ago before the Benoit killed his family
Now can anyone trust this S>O>B. Nuff Said

Chris Benoit's Father speaks on his sons families Death

Chris Benoit's Father speaks on his sons families Death. Father of WWE's super star who killed his wife Nancy and 7 year old son, then hung himself till he died himself. Michael Benoit father to Chris Benoit, said “We have no understanding of why it happened,” he said. “We need some time to gather our thoughts and wait and see. There’s still more information that’s going to come out from toxicology tests that will give us some understanding of why this happened.” by phone at his home in Alberta, Canada, that his family is shocked and in disbelief over the slayings.

Michael Benoit, also said that he hopes the Text messagess will be helpful in finding out why his son attacked and destroyed his family.

Ok, of course you are shocked, your son just killed your grandon and killed his wife then hung myself.

I do not know, why people act like there was nothing wrong, with Chris Benoit's state mind. When people are going through life stressfull problems, do they find someone to talk to about there problems, a family member a friend, a co worker, a preist, someone.

When Nanct wife of Chris Benoit already filled a VPO, on a few years ago on him. There were signs, yet, some how his friends and family, did not see that Benoit was ready to snap and attack his family.

Michael Benoit said in closing the test results, which could take several weeks to be completed, “could give us closure.” He said his son had seemed fine when they spoke on Father’s Day, and had even said he regretted having to work instead of spending the day with his family.“That really wouldn’t give you an indication of someone who would do what he did a week later,” the father said.

Ok, maybe he did not want to upset his father on Father's Day ?

Yet, his friends has stated and owner of the WWE, that Chris and Nancy was fighting, because Nancy wanted him to stay at home more and help her with thers son.

Everyday, there is more light on this heart braking story, about the Benoit's. However, it just leads us to be more lost, why did Benoit Snap. Nuff Said

Shane McMahon Bought WCW

When Shane McMahon bought WCW.

Am sorry I had to put this link up. It is 5 am.
I need some sleep.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vince McMahon: on Chris Benoit's death

Vince tell us again that, Sterodis did not have anything to do with Chris Benoit, killing his family.
and then hung himself. Go on We will wait!!!!!!

Vince you are not taking sterodis? Right !!!!!

Vince McMahon and Chris Benoit

Vince McMahon: on Chris Benoit's death; Vince, said that there is no proof that sterodis, played apart in Chris Benoit's death. "There's no way, quite frankly, that we, or the media - it's all speculation until the toxicology reports come back," McMahon said. "It's all speculation."

The test results may not be available for weeks or even months, District Attorney Scott Ballard has said. Police found anabolic steroids in Benoit's home. The drugs played a role in the Benoit's attack on his wife and son. No matter what Vince McMahon, says on the today show or any other news source. There are doctors that believe that these drugs, steroids cause paranoia, depression and violent outbursts known as "roid rage."

So Vince, the sterodis does not cause people that use them to freak out, even when the stress leval is to there limit. Yet saying steroids "were not and could not be related to the cause of death" and that the findings indicate "deliberation, not rage." the WWE office, says that Chris Benoit, took a test for sterodis on April 10, which Benoit, test came out clean, matter fact no signs of sterodis was in Benoit's system.

Well Vince McMahhon, that is one way to cover your own ass. Why can you tell the truth that your Super Stars are taking them. Now, the Benoit's argued, in the days before Benoit snaped killed his family, over whether he should stay home more to take care of their mentally retarded son, said Jerry McDevitt, an attorney for the league. Which means WWE's, attorney. Which means Vince McMahon's attorney. Nacny Benoit, Benoit's didn't want him to quit wrestling, but she "wanted him to be at home more to care for the kid. She'd say she can't take care of him by herself when he was on the road." The Benoits truggling with where to send the boy to school since he had recently finished kindergartenhe Benoit's

So Vinie, Roids, did not push Chris Benoit, over the edge, after all what was going on his life. Right!! Every body has stress in there life, yet, not all of them kill there families. In every case like this, there is some kind of drug problem or a drinking problem sometimes both.
So Vince, if Benoit was not taking sterodis why were there sterodis in his house
Nice Vince, your fans does have minds of there own, and they will either stay and watch your shows and order your pay per views or will they will not.
I think you need to admint that you and your Super Stars, are taking sterodis, and then try to reform your Pro's when they need help in there lives. Nuff Said

Should Terry Tank Johnson been waived

Should Terry Tank Johnson been waived from the Bears?

My answer is yes. Tank had his chance to stay out of trouble with the law.

Should Terry Tank Johnson, be pick up by another team in the NFL ?

Again I say yes. Tank, is not a bad guy, by all means. He may not be all that bright, to be driving after he had a few drinks.

Now why does Tank, needs to go to a different team?

He needs a fresh start in his Pro life and as in real life!

It is up yo himself to change, yet, the NFL, has worked with other NFL, players before.

Such as Ray Lewis, remember when Ray was going to court?

Am not going to say for what for no need in bringing up old dirt.

Ray Lewis, has shown that he wants to play in the NFL, and Ray has alsown he wants to stay out of trouble also.

The whole point is everyone will drop the ball, it is how we pick up the ball. And nobody has the right to keep you down, without just cause. Terry Tank Johnson, will be in the NFL, again how long he stays in the league is up to me, and only himself only. Nuff Said.

WWE has real Problems: Deddie Ex wife of Steve Austins tells all

Steve and Deddie's wedding Picture.

Vince McMahon, as owner of the WWE, you need to take more control of your company.

Chris and Eddie, two men with problems.

Paul Wight's Mug Shot

The NFL has there problems with some there players, being in trouble with law. This year and from the past few years. Such as Tank Johnson, Adam Pac-Man Jones, and just a few years ago Ray Lewis. Now I have stood up for the in NFL, for years, yet, the press and the media likes to sell papers and increase there ratings, you know bad news about famous pros make news.

Now the press also tries to trash MLB, homerun sluggers, such as Barrry Bonds, Sammy Sosa. and A-Rod. For the same reasons, to sell there papers and for better ratings.
Now I want to shead light on a nother Pro League, that is in the news. The WWE, owned and ran by Vince McMahon. Yes, I know you are saying the WWE, is not a sport league. It is a drama a play. With all the moves, written out to a T. Yes, I will give you that. Yet, you cannot say that these men and woman are not Pro Athlets. So I am going to call them Pros.
Now the WWE, Pro's, have had there problems, aslong with the Owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

Now here are some of the WWE's Pro's problems. Eddie Guerrero, had a drug problem.
And overdose which lead to his on timing death.
Paul Wight, The Big Show. AKA. Paul Bunyan The Giant when he has with WCW. Has had a issue driving drunk. "Steve Austin's Ex wife Deddie left Stone Cold for Drugs" He did them, I saw him do them!" said Debra Williams, ex-wife of the World Wrestling Entertainment star Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ms. Williams says, "The domestic and drug abuse is out of hand in the WWE and something needs to be done about it." Now the Mrs. Williams says that there is a real drug problem in Vince McMahon's WWE, "
"In the last ten years, 60 wrestlers under age 45 have died... all in the prime of their lives. Big strong men, who somehow die with little or no investigation of the organization that encourages performers to use muscle enhancing drugs," said Williams.
Steroids have been linked to the deaths of several professional wrestlers in recent years. Eddie Guerrero, one of Benoit's best friends, died in 2005 from heart failure linked to long-term steroid use. The father of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig blamed steroids and painkillers for Hennig's drug overdose death in 2003. Davey Boy Smith, the "British Bulldog," died in 2002 from heart failure that a coroner said was probably caused by steroids...
Ms. Williams claims she and Nancy Benoit's stories are very similar. Both sought help from law enforcement because of domestic abuse. In 2003, Benoit sought a divorce from Chris Benoit saying he physically abused her, she also asked the courts for a restraining order.
Williams did the same thing on the third occasion when she says she was attacked by ‘Stone Cold.’ Williams says, like Benoit, Austin all but forced her to write a letter to authorities saying her complaint was a mistake. But in Williams’ case, the courts put Austin on probation for a year. In return, Ms. Williams was placed under a gag order, forcing her to remain silent about the "dark side" of professional wrestling, filled with drugs, booze and domestic abuse.
"If only I had spoken up sooner, maybe Nancy and her little boy would be alive today... that's why I'm going public now, something has to change!"
Now all am saying, is there needs to be said about the WWE,Vince needs to get a handle on his company and Pro Athlets. Before the law and DA, tries to shut him down. And his Athlets in jail.

So in closing, WWE, NFL, MLB, NBA, watch your players, better. Nuff Said

Chris Benoit's text messagess after he killed his family

Chris Benoit's text messagess after he killed his family.

This is case is so strange. Benoit sent these messagess, to the other WWE super stars.

Letting them know, where to find there bodies. And telling them how they can get in the house.

Not only that he informed his fellow WWE superstars, that his dogs are lockrd up.

3:53 AM - Chris Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"
3:53 AM - Chris Benoit's cell phone: "The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open."
3:54 AM - Nancy Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane. Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"
3:55 AM - Nancy Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"
3:58 AM - Nancy Benoit's cell phone: "My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayeteville Georgia. 30215"

Benoit, needed help.

It is to bad for everyone, that he could not find any help. I wounder if he even reached out for help, before he killed his family.

This is truly sad.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chris Benoit was giving his son Sterodis

Chris Benoit' was giving his sterodis. Why? He said his son, was to small. Now Benoit, was not a big guy himself. Now I would love to big like Shaq, however, I can change my height. I can work out. But that is my chocie, if I wanted to grow bigger in muscle mass. Now A seven year boy needs to grow by nature. If his DNA, sets him to be 6ft 6in. Then let it be so. If his DNA, will only let me grow to be 5,10, then let it be so.
This whole story, is just sad.
I do not know how muck I can take. For I myself, have a young 5 year boy, and I would never hurt him on purpose. I would have never never never kill him.
I just do not understand, now Vince McMahon, please take control of your people.
I know you cannot take control when they are at home. I mean comon, this is America, a free nation. I know that, but Vince McMahon, can however, put in a system that test if his employess are using to much drugs. I mean comon they are freaky big. And I watch these guys.
And the press wants to down on Barry Bonds? When Bonds, has never failed a test for THG and sterodis. The USA Goverenment, needs to send there people to the WWE, not trying to get Barry Bonds. Nuff Said.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vince McMahon needs to stop the show

Vince McMahon needs to stop the show; Vince, how many for lives have to be lost. From the use of sterdois, from your super stars. Now I know that the show must go on. However, just look at all the men that has died way to soon. Eddie Guerrero, in Eddie Guerrero's case it was from a drug overdose. Then there Owen Hart's death in the ring. Durning a Paid per view, show. Now Vince McMahon, can you please put a stop to these men. They are dieing to make you rich and to make a good living for themselves and there familys. Of course this lost lives of these men, does not fall on Vince's hands. I am putting the blame on Vince, not at all.

What is Vince's fault, is the lack of not running a company that helps this from happening. Vince please let Chris Benoit and his family be the last ones to die to soon.

Now Vince McMahon, is a great business man, and I know he knows how to run a company, but I like I wrote, do not push your super stars to the edge. Sometimes they fall of the edge.

Bret Hart on Chris Benoit

Bret Hart on Chris Benoit, it was reported by the "That Bret Hart called Chris Benoit, a beautiful man, who loved his son".

Now I know that Chris Benoit, is a victom, however, his wife and son were much bigger victoms. From a husbend and father. I am really shocked on how all this is playing out. There needs to be some answers to the questions, that brought this loving and caring husbend and father to kill his family. The result is of the answers could stop this from happening again to another family.

Chris Benoit: Update

In Chris Benoit's house the police found sterdois, and other drugs. It has been reported that sterdois can change your state of mind. Now they call this "roid rage", where you cannot control your anger. Now this dose not change any thing. There is no reason for Chris Benoit, to kill his son, and wife.

I am not trying to throw Benoit, under a bus. However, this is hard to understand. Why Chris Benoit, killed his family. I have watched Benoit, on WCW Nitro, and then on WWE Raw, for years. Chris Benoit, has enterianted fans of the WWE, for years.

The Owner of the WWE, Mr. McMahon, must be pulling his hair out. Another WWE Super Star's death, but there has never been a story like this. Talking about bad timing of a bad joke, Mr. McMahon, faked his own death last week. Now I know alot of people do not like McMahon, for alot of different reasons. For one every year it seems like one of his superstars dies, way to soon.

But back to Benoit:

Nancy Benoit, applied for a protection order against her husbend Chris, before. I would like to think that Chris Benoit, would have had treatment for the way he treated his wife. There had to be signs that Chris Benoit was troubled. I think Mr. McMahon, should provide his employess his so called Super Stars, the help, when they need it, after all Vince they are making you a rich S.O.B. The show must go on Vince, right.

For years people are going to ask the question "Why did Benoit, do it."

I feel the question should be why, A man who had it all, gets so lost in his mind to kill his famliy.

And why no one saw it coming. Nuff Siad

Lummpy's Sports World: Chris Benoit killed his family, what was he thinking

Lummpy's Sports World: Chris Benoit killed his family, what was he thinking

Espn: The Death of a Family

Chris Benoit killed his family, what was he thinking

I have been thinking about sports and the pro's that play football, baseball, and basketball. I just do not get it. What in the world is so bad, that they would throw it all away. Can anyone tell me my? They are making money, and they live like kings. Tank Jonhson, Adam Pac-Man Jones, a pro wrestler Chris Benoit, this has to be the worst story, I have heard in along time. Why would Benoit, kill his wife and son? I know life is hard, but DAMN IT. You kill yourself, and your wife and kid.
I feel I have the right to question Benoit, on this. My wife left me, took our son away away from me. But, I never, never, thought, about killing them!!!!!!
I am divorced from here and until, I ran into some troubles with my new girlfriend, I had my son every other weekends. Damn man. Life dose not end,

For you and your family, it is over. Chris Benoit, took away his right to live, that is wrong. No matter how you see it. What is worse than that he took his families right to live, that is damn wrong!
Can you picture there famlies, now today the lose they must be feeling.
Nothing can bring you back after you die.
Now to kill, your family, you had to to be loosing your every lasting mind!

I do not know if I can say any more on Chris Benoit. I hope God blesses his family, and his inlaws, and friends. Nuff Said. Damn let this be the last time we hear something like this!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tank Johnson is waived from the Bears

Tank Johnsonson is waived from the Bears. Tank, was let go after being pulled over in Arizona. For being drunk driving, however, Tank did not get a ticket. But Chicago, still let Tank go.
Damn can these guys stay out of trouble.

Bonds and Sosa, still hitting homeruns

With all these homeruns being hit these season after the THG, schandle in the MBL. It makes the game and the sluggers, come back after getting hit in the eye. Players such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, is making all the finger pointers look real dumd. Every time they hit a homerun now, they need to be laughing at the sports writers that call them cheaters, now there is much better testing, for this drug. And Bonds, and Sosa, has never tested postive for this drug, or sterdois. So give the Bonds and Sosa, and the other sluggers a break, okie dokie. Nuff said.

To play football in the NFL is a God given gift

What is with football players getting into trouble with the law. Now I know from first hand, that the law dose not give a damn who you are. The police love's to ruin your day. If they can get you on thing they will. However, when you are making millions of dallars playing a game that you love why let the law take it from you. Yes I know it is not always your fault. And I know that there somethings that are out of your hands. Remember I understand. But, we can change the people that we are hunging out with. In my case I have to careful whom I date.
Trust me, I feel your pain. Men, please stay away from those strippe clubs, ok PAC MAN. Tank, try not to drive after you had a drink. Cincinnati Bengals, please stay inside, in the off season get the HELL OUT OF CINCINNATI, the police and the DA, has a hard to put your team in jail.
Am going to doing my part here in OKC, am trying to do all the above. But any ways, save your money guys, do not let a woman or the police take it away from you. Oh yeah, remember only afew can play football like you guys in the NFL, to play football in the NFL, is a GOD GIVEN GIFT. OK. Nuff Said. Do not let anyone take it away from you.

"Eli Manning" The most over rated Quaterback in the NFL

To answer the question, Who is the most over rated Quaterback in the NFL? "Eli Manning is the most over rated Quaterback in the NFL. Now you might think am being to hard on Manning.
Am not! The NFL, the fans, the media, and the press and the New York is being to hard on Manning. Eli, is playing well for only being in the league for afew years, however, he cannot win the big game yet. But in his defenence. Look at his father, and his brother. Eli, will always be in there shodow. That has to be hard, playing the postion as your father, and Superbowl champion brother.
Now all the eyes is on young Eli, what can he do. Man give the kid a brake. Now with all that stress on Eli, to bring the Giants to Championship glory again. That is pressure.
And that is why he is over rated. Eli cannot do it, atleast not yet. Not the Giants, maybe another team. Where he would not have to be the Super starr. Nuff Said, Good Luck Eli you are going to need it.

Dwayne Wade play Basketball with a sick boy

Today I saw a story on SportsCenter on ESPN. It was about a young boy who has been sick sence he was born. But the boy dose not give up, his will to live is as great player such as D'wayne Wade from the heat. Wade is also the sicks boys farvaite player, in the NBA. When Wade won the NBA championship in 2006. The same day the boy had a kidney transplante. On June 20 2006. Wade's son and the boy has even the same birthday Fed 4. As was reported on Sportscenter. Well it was a uplifting story, it made think what is really important to me. After all in away am trying to find my way in this world.
I have been trying to see for myself what this Blog will do for me. The answer is what will I do for this Blog. I have to do my best on this Blog, to get what I want out of it. Am not talking about becoming as Big as ESPN. Am talking about writting about the stories that move me and I think other sports fan will enjoy my point of view, on Barry Bonds, and other stories that I like.
Now back to the story about this little boy, he meet his ICON, D-Wade. And Wade and the boy played some HEAT kind alike HORSE, you if you miss ashot that the other player made you get a letter, first one to spell HEAT or Horse loosess. Okay. And they played one on one basketball,
Wade looked stiff after his operation but still looked like well D-Wade, yhr boy looked good also.
Can you just picture yourself playing Horse with your NBA Idle ? Well Nuff Said. I think the boy is a fighter just like his Idle.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr passes Mark Mcgwire

Ken Griffey Jr passes Mark Mcgwire, as 7th on all time homerun leader, Jr, is now 16 homeruns away from joining the 600 club. Now in the last three seasons of MBL, the 600 club has grown from three members to five and soon to be six members. After all these years, it took about thrity years for this class to double in size. Now that is very rare that we can see this. In the last ten years we have seen Mark Mcgwire, brake Roger Maris's single season homerun record. Then we watched Barry Bonds, brake Mcgwire's record brake 3 more than what Mcrire hit. Now we are seeing Sammy Sosa join the 600 club, with Ken Griffey Jr, right behind him.

With A Rod being the youngest and fastest slugger to hit 500 career homeruns, and looking to have about 800 homeruns before he puts away his bat. However, right now we will see Barry Bonds brake Hank Aarons, career homerun record ( 755). When in sports history have seen this before. It is almost blowing on these records being broken, ratings is going through the roof.
Alot of people whom never cared about Baseball are becoming fans. These is and will be great for the fans and players and everybody that in sports. Nuff said.
By Mike D Lunsford
For more on the best homerun hitters.

A rod and Barry Bonds teammates

Jeter gives Bonds much respect.

A-Rod and Barry Bonds: The present King of Swing and the future King of Swing

Arod and Barry Bonds, can A rod replace Bonds, am not talking about as another homerun king. Am talking about the face of the Giants. I think it could happen. Lets take a look back, now remember back in the mid to late 90's A rod was in Seattle, A rod was teammates with another homerun slugger that will join the 600 club ( homeruns). Yepp, Ken Griffey Jr. After a few seasons with Griffey, the buck was passed and Griffey was traded to the Reds, and A rod became the quite leader. Then afew years after that, A rod once again was traded to Texas. Were with out in question, A rod, became the greastest Shot Stop, of all times. Not to mention A Rod signed one of the richest contacts of sports period.
And of course then A rod has been traded to the Yankees, and A rod, has been through alot. With the New York Yankees, the press and the media plays this love to hate you game toward A Rod. Am just shocked how the New York press tries to ripp there teams apart, if they do not meet to there standards of play. Am not really shocked. After, all this is the same team that tore up Roger Maris, during the 61 season. Which was the season that Maris and Mental, was in the single season homerun race(61).
And the press and the fans almost drive Mickey Mantal, away over the presure in playing with Joe Dimaggio. Not only that he was fighting the ghost of Babe Ruth. Now lets face it if A rod is traded it will be just prefect if he joins the SF Giants. That is a dream line up between Barry Bonds, and A rod. The two would be unstoppable at the plate. The only way to defeat them would be to walk them. Now if you can recall, no player has been walked more then Bonds, in his career. I would hate for A rod to leave the Yankees, but if he is going to be traded then let it be to the SF Giants. Nuff said, we just have to wait to see what happens.
And do not forget the All Star game that is soon to be coming up on July 10 2007.

Ken Griffey Jr 584 without any drugs?

Ken Griffey Jr has hit 584 career homeruns without using THG or any other drugs. Now this is the only thing about the greatest homerun hitters of our time that I agree with. For the other great homerun hitters of our time, all the sports writers has pointed there fingers at and called them druggies no pun intened.
Now am talking about Bonds, Sosa, and Big Mac. By the way Big Mac, still had afew more years left in hin before he left the game that he loved. But, lets get back to Griffey, why dose the press and the media give Griffey a pass. By not Griffey bashing, besides Griffey is clean no drugs in his system. But the rest of the sluggers the press trash? Is it because Jr, is quite, and dose not trash talk? However, trash talking is in sports it always have been! Or coulkd it be that Jr always talks to press and dose not mind doing so? Not like Barry Bonds, who know the press, the media will hang him and anyone else out to dry, just to sell there news papers and wath there cable news channel rating go up.
So when ever you buy your local newpaper, read the sports secations just read the difference, how the sports writers about Bonds, to Jr. Nuff Said here read it for your self and you make the call.

Sammy Sosa 601 now that is a record

Sammy Sosa with 601 career homeruns. That is a record for Sammy Sosa. Now for all you people that do not like Sammy, here is so some things to think about. One how many times did Sammy hit 60 or more homeruns in a single season? I'll wait. Okay if you said three straighjt years you would be right. Now how many men are in the 600 club( Homeruns )? Okay I'll wait. All right if you said 5. You are right again. Hank Aaron ( 755 ) Barry Bonds (749) Babe Ruth ( 714 ) Willie Mayes ( 660 ) and now Sammy Sosa ( 601 ). And by the way there will be another member soon Ken Griffey Jr, Jr has 583 career homeruns right now. That is 17 away from joining this club of great men. Now all the sports writers out there that publish all there stories of Sammy using a crooked bat, and questioning if he used THG or not.
There is no proof that Sosa or Bonds, used anything. Yes, you say that there bodies has changed over years, But come on has all of our bodies has changed over the years.
If there is no proof, then you the monkey sports writers, can get off Sammy's and Bonds's back.

Barry Bonds 749 Career homerun

Barry Bonds 749 Career homerun. Barry needs only six more homeruns to tie Hank Aaron. With 755 career homeruns. 7 homeruns will brake Aarons record. Now this a feat that no one has even been close to braking. 755 and beyond is almost a Superman feat. Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, all three baseball players reached the 714 homeruns, Only Aaron, reached 755 homeruns, just think about how hard that is. In 100 plus years of Baseball, that only one man has hit 755. That is Superhuman. Now that Barry Bonds, is at 749, there should be no questions left in anyones mind about Barry Bonds.
Yes there will always will be people saying that Bonds cheated, however, where is there proof on this. Bonds has never tested postived for anything, such as THG.
So why not give Barry Bonds, full credit for his homeruns? I ask all the sports writers and fans that question Bonds hitting power. Where is your proof?

So with Barry now at 749 career homeruns, Bonds is the greastest player to play baseball. Am not sorry for saying that. Aaron, Ruth, Mayes, were great, however , Bonds is braking and passing all the records. The only thing left for Bonds to do in Baseball is to win a World Championship, and to go into the Hall of Fame.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr the press gives much love

Ken Griffey Jr, the press gives much love to him. Out of all the Homerun sluggers, "Ken Griffey Jr", is the only one of the Homerun sluggers, that the sports writers write that Griffey has has used sterdios or THG or that has used a croked bat.
Am not pointing my fingers at Bonds or Sammy Sosa.
Both players the press tries to ripp apart. Griffey however, the press seems to LOVE.
Fair not really but hey that is life. Nuff Said.

Sammy Sosa and hatefull press

Sammy Sosa and hatefull press. I do not understand why all the hatefull press he is getting, from the press right after he hit his 600 career homerun. After all Sammy Sosa, is now a member of the 600 club. Sammy Sosa now joins Hank Aaron (755 career homeruns) Barry Bonds ( 748 career homeruns) Babe Ruth ( 714 career homeruns) Willie Mayes ( 660 career homeruns). Now Barry Bonds, gets the same kind of hate that Sammy Sosa gets from the press. The hate that these two players gets is just wrong, they have never failed a test for sterdois or even THG. However, most of the sports writers say they will not vote for either slugger.

This is so wrong and so many ways, I just get to the point that I yell at my TV, every time I rear and see these so called sports writers judeing Bonds and Sosa. Yes both men should be in "Baseball's Hall of fame". Barry Bonds, who will brake Hank Aarons all time career record for the most homeruns (755). And Sammy Sosa, 600 plus homeruns. With three straight years with 60 plus homeruns in a season. Sosa hit more Homeruns at Chicago, then Babe Ruth, hit in New York. Now that is truely saying something. Let these men in the Hall. Nuff Said.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

NFL Schedule for 2007-2008 season

NFL Schedule for 2007-2008 season. Look for team and catch every game. If you like to keep up with all the games you can link here On Lummpy's NFL. This is how I keep up with the games that is out of my area. That our not on TV.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Question who is the most over rated QuarterBack In the NFL

Question who is the most over rated QuarterBack In the NFL?
In a few days I will tell you, what QuarterBack I feel that is over ratedin the NFL.

Chicago Hit-Men

Chicago Hit-Men, doing what they do best. Knocking the ball out of the park.
Sammy Sosa and Frank Thomas. Even though both men are not in Chi Town any more, the Cubs and White Sox fans will always love there two hit men. Thomas soon to have 500 homeruns and Sammy with 600. Nuff Said.

Sammy Sosa: 545 out of 600

Sammy Sosa: 545 out of 600 came with Sosa's time with Cubs.
Sosa Hit more homeruns at Wrigley Field, than Babe Ruth hit at Yankee Stadium. Sammy hit more homeruns in a 7 year time spand then anyone in history. Sosa is the only slugger to hit over 60 plus homeruns in three straight seasons. Nuff Said.

'Pacman' Jones sought for questioning in shooting

'Pacman' Jones sought for questioning in shooting. Is Pacman's career over in the NFl. The police is looking for Jones, from the shoting in Vagas during the NBA Allstar gar. Jones was at a stripp bar, when the shotting happened. For More on the Story, Link on PacMan. And for the past story when it was first reported link her on Jones. However, I want to be fair to Adam Pacman Jones, I think he is one of the best football players out there today. It is really a shame what is happening to Adam Pacman Jones. I know from my own past how hanging with the wrong people will do to you. Nuff Said. Now for Adam's NFL's stats link on Adam Pacman Jones.

Frank Thomas is near 500 homeruns

Frank Thomas, is near 500 homeruns, with 10 homeruns this season so far, on June 20 2007. Thomas hit his 497 career homerun. Thomas, hit most of his homeruns with Chicago White Sox.
Thomas maybe a Hall Famer.

Sammy Sosa now a member of the 600 Club

Sammy Sosa now a member of the 600 club. Sosa is the fith baseball player to hit 600 homeruns in his career. He joins Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mayes, and Barry Bonds. Sammy Sosa, reached 600 homeruns faster than the other Hall Famers and furture Hall Famer.
Even after Sosa sat a year, yes Sammy is writting his name in history.
Who knows how long Sosa, will stay in the league. In my oppion Sosa can catch and pass Mayes, who is fourth on the list of career homeruns with 660. Yes, it is a good time to be a baseball fan.
With Sammy Sosa, joining the 600 club, and Ken Griffey Jr, right behind him with 582 career homeruns, and Frank Thomas so to join the 500 club, Thomas is sitting at 497 homeruns for his career. Lets not forget about Barry Bonds, soon to be the all time homerun leader.
Yes it is a great time to be a fan. Nuff Said

Baseball's unsung Hero

Josh Gibson, is Baseball's unsung Hero with over 800 career homeruns!!!! 800 or better have been reported, career homeruns that Josh Gibson, has hit in his career. In the BaseBall hall fame, which Josh Gibson inducted in 1972, has Gibsons plaque stats almost 800 career homeruns. Now others say Josh Gibson hit 972 career homeruns. Well 800 or better,such as 972, which am giving him full credit. Gibson should be the one true homerun king. At the very least Josh Gibson, should be tied with Hank Aaron at 755 homeruns. Now we the fans, all know that will never happen, however we as fans and everyday people should give Gibson, credit when we talk about the best homerun hitters of all time. Yes Gibson belongs in the same league 0f all time greats such as Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Kenny Griffen JR, and not last or by very least Barry Bonds. So in closing BaseBall fans, remember 800 or better.If you are asking who is Josh Gibson? Gibson know as the Black Babe Ruth, played in the Negro League, from 1930-1946. Josh Gibson died January 20 1947 from a stroke spawned from a Brain tumor, at his mothers house looking at his trophies and laughing and telling stories about career. Gibson was reported to have lived life with a great glee, and he died the with with great glee. By Mike D Lunsfordll's unsung Hero with

Is Baseball's 600 club A big deal now

Is Baseball's 600 club A big deal now?
Now with Sammy Sosa, about join the club, with one more homerun. And there is Ken Griffey Jr, Griffey is only 18 homeruns away from joining the 600 club. So is the 600 club a big still?
Will I still do think so. There is a Wow factor when you read or see, a player that you have been watching for years when he reaches that 600 mark. I felt with Barry Bonds, and now I can feel it with Sammy Sosa and Ken Griffey Jr. These players are doing something that only four other men has done before. Hitting 600 homeruns or more. The group of baseball players that in the 500 homerun list is nice to. But 600, that puts you in a whole new league.
And the" 700 club FORGET ABOUT IT", you then become a Baseball ICON. Such as Aaron, Ruth, and Bonds.
I wounder do you think we will see a 800 club soon. Barry Bonds might join Josh Gibson.
Well NUFF Said.

Sammy Sosa, so close to joining the 600 club

Sammy Sosa, so close to joining the 600 club. Sosa, is sitting on 599 career homeruns. One more would put him in a class of Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays, and newest member Barry Bonds. Sammy Sosa, will be the 5th member of this rear bunch of men.
All these men are or were great baseball players. Babe Ruth, the GodFather of the group played hard and lived life even harder. Hank Aaron, had to endore alot of hate mail from the fans, and even at some of the games. When he was bound to brake Ruth's record. Willie Mays, was one of the best out out filders of all time maybe even the best of all time. And then there is Barry Bonds, not only is he one of the best hitters of our time, he also holds seven MVP awards, eight Golden Gloves.
Now that Sammy Sosa, will be in the 600 club. I wounder how long will he stay in the League?
Once he reaches 600 homeruns, he will be only 60 homeruns from catching Mayes, to be fourth on the list.
Yes, only time will tell. Nuff Said.

Griffey Jr. hits 19th homer of year

Griffey Jr. hits 19th homer of year. Which makes his 582 second in his career. Griffey also hit 1652nd career RBI. Jr's march to 600 career homeruns is still ground braking, because of all the homerun hitters in our greneration, Griffery is the only one that is not linked to sterdios or THG.
Now am not trying to throw Barry Bonds, under the bus. Or even Sammy Sosa, however, no one has ever questioned Jr's hitting homeruns.
Griffey maybe getting older. He still has the sexxiest swing in basebasll.
More Griffey

Monday, June 18, 2007

#3 Ken Griffey Jr. | RF

Ken Griffey Jr. Is busting out of his shell this year, however, Jr is 37 yrs old now, and the last 5 yrs has taken a tow on him. He is showing the fans and other teams that he is still one of the best players of all time. At one point Griffey, was thought of braking Aaron's record of 755 homeruns not Barry Bonds, or Sammy Sosa, or even Big Mac. Yes, if everyone can remember that Jr's face was on all the Video Games, for baseball. There was a homerun race watch for a few years between? You guessed it Jr and Bonds. For at least two to three years before Sosa and Big Mac, had there race to 61. The other day I wrote about Griffey, being the forgotten one, the other day. And the more I thought about it. It came to me, Griffey was the reason why I started watching baseball.

It was the homerun race between Bonds and Jr, not Sammy Sosa and Big Mac. I I want to thank Griffey and Bonds. For all what they did to save baseball, yes the race before the second race.
Baseball dose indeed owe these 4 players a thank you. Giffey and Bonds and Sosa and Big Mac.
For saving baseball, and the four men whom are the best homerun hitters of our time. Of course Barry Bonds, is the best of all time. However, this post is meet to give Jr much love.
And for now on I will write about these men, Bonds, Griffey, Sosa, and A Rod. For I believe that they are baseball. They are best. The facts and the stats do not lie. Nuff Said.

Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods, once more came in second place in the second major for this year. Everyone has pulling for Woods, maybe because Tiger lost his father ago, maybe everyone was pulling for Tiger, because he the best golfer perhaps of all time. I just know that Tiger Woods, is a good man for what I have read about or seen from TV. And he is the best in the today, just maybe the best of all time.

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa who did stop playing baseball a year ago, had a change of hart. When he signed once again with Texas Rangers. So far this season Sammy has hit 11 homeruns, with aRBI 51. Sammy looks great swinging the bat. Sosa needs only one more humerun to join the 600 club.
At one time it was Sammy and Big Mac, that has brought MLB, back from the depth of who really cares about baseball, state of mind.

A Rods career homerun count is 491

For more on A Rod Link to here.

A Rod hits his 27 homerun in the Yankees win over the Mets

A Rod hits his 27 homerun for the season, in the victory over the Mets. 8 to 2 was the final score in favor of the New York Yankees over The New York Mets.
For more on A Rods stats Link here to A Rods Home Page

Barry Bonds hits his 748 career homerun

Barry Bonds hits his 748 career homerun. Now Bonds is 7 homeruns away to tie Aaron at 755 and 8 homeruns away to pass Aaron at 756 career homeruns.
Bonds looks like he has his swing back. Just maybe Barry will brake the 750 marke by the All Star game.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Griffey Jr Hits 580 and 581

Griffey Jr. Hits his 580 and 581 career homerun in the Reds victory over Texas.
I have been talking about Barry Bonds, for the past few years, on how Bonds is going to brake the Homerun record. Now I have been thinking about it these last few weeks on how at one time ago, everyone was talking about Jr. And how he is going to be our next Homerun King.
So I want to give Jr, his props. The man and great and he still has the sexiest swing in the MLB.

Battle of the Subway Yankees, Mets

New York Yankees defeat The New York Mets.

Yankees 11 , Mets 8. In the battle of the Subway. The Yankees, bounce back from being shut out by the Mets, from June 15 2007. On this Saturday after noon game between the two New York teams, the Yankees come back swinging. On there closing the grap between the Evil counter counter parts The Boston Red Soxs. With Boston still has a good lead of the Yankees, however, there lead has been shirnking these past two weeks.
Do you here those foot steps Boston, that is the Yankees coming for you.
Get ready for a Rumble from the Bronx. It has happened year after year, when ever Boston has the lead the Yankees, make one hell of a run.

Why Roger Clemens is the Greastest

Why Roger Clemens is the greastest Pitcher of all time.
Awards1986-ML-AS MVP1986-AL-CYA1986-ML-Major League Player of the Year1986-AL-MVP1986-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year1987-AL-CYA1991-AL-CYA1991-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year1997-AL-CYA1997-AL-Triple Crown1997-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year1998-AL-CYA1998-AL-Triple Crown1998-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year2001-AL-CYA2001-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year2004-NL-CYA

MVP (YrLg-Rk-Shr)1986-AL-1-0.861987-AL-19-0.021990-AL-3-0.541991-AL-10-0.151992-AL-14-0.041997-AL-10-0.141998-AL-11-0.122001-AL-8-0.172004-NL-8-0.142005-NL-22-0.02Car-73-2.20 shares

CYA (YrLg-Rk-Shr)1986-AL-1-1.001987-AL-1-0.891988-AL-6-0.061990-AL-2-0.551991-AL-1-0.851992-AL-3-0.341997-AL-1-0.961998-AL-1-1.002000-AL-6-0.012001-AL-1-0.872004-NL-1-0.882005-NL-3-0.257 Cy YoungsCar-1-7.66 shares


ERA1986 AL-2.48-11987 AL-2.97-31988 AL-2.93-51990 AL-1.93-11991 AL-2.62-11992 AL-2.41-11994 AL-2.85-21996 AL-3.63-71997 AL-2.05-11998 AL-2.65-12000 AL-3.70-22001 AL-3.51-92004 NL-2.98-52005 NL-1.87-1Act-3.10-4

Wins1986 AL-24-11987 AL-20-11988 AL-18-41989 AL-17-61990 AL-21-31991 AL-18-41992 AL-18-41997 AL-21-11998 AL-20-12001 AL-20-22003 AL-17-52004 NL-18-2Act-349-1Car-349-8

For more info

Barry Bonds stats and Awards
Proper Name: Barry Lamar Bonds
Born: July 24, 1964 Riverside, CA

Height: 6-2
Weight: 228 lbs.
Age: 42
Pronounced: N/A
Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Pos: LF
Experience: 21 years
2007 Salary: $15,533,970
College: Arizona State University
Percent Owned (Week +/-):
MLB: 99.2% (+0.1%)
Avg. Draft Position:
MLB: 120.6
• 1990: National League Most Valuable Player• 1990: National League Gold Glove at OF
• 1991: National League Gold Glove at OF • 1992: National League Gold Glove at OF
• 1992: National League Most Valuable Player• 1993: National League Most Valuable Player
• 1993: National League Gold Glove at OF • 1994: National League Gold Glove at OF
• 1994 ESPY: Male Athlete of the Year• 1994 ESPY: Outstanding Baseball Performer
• 1996: National League Gold Glove at OF • 1997: National League Gold Glove at OF
• 1998: National League Gold Glove at OF • 2001: National League Most Valuable Player
• 2002 ESPY: Moment of the Year• 2002: National League Most Valuable Player
• 2002 ESPY: Outstanding Baseball Performer• 2003: National League Most Valuable Player
• 2004: National League Most Valuable Player• 2004: National League Silver Slugger
Seasonal Averages (per 162 games played)

Barry Bonds is record specks for him, Nuff said.

Who is the Leader Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter New York Yankees

Proper Name: Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez

Born: July 27, 1975
New York, NY

Height: 6-3

Weight: 225 lbs.

Age: 31

Pronounced: Rod-RI-guez

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Pos: 3B

Experience: 13 years

2007 Salary: $27,708,525

College: Miami, FL


Percent Owned (Week +/-):

MLB: 99.9% (-0.1%)

Avg. Draft Position:

MLB: 4.4
AVG .309 HR 26 RBI 70 OBP .409 SLG .679

Proper Name: Derek Sanderson Jeter

Born: June 26, 1974
Pequannock, NJ

Height: 6-3

Weight: 195 lbs.

Age: 32

Pronounced: JEE-ter

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Pos: SS

Experience: 12 years

2007 Salary: $21,600,000

College: Kalamazoo, MI


Percent Owned (Week +/-):

MLB: 100.0% (0.0%)

Avg. Draft Position:

MLB: 19.0

AVG .343 HR 5 RBI 33 OBP .421 SLG .479

A Rod, is leading the league in homeruns this season with 26HR. Rodriguez is the MVP, this season. The Yankees, could be A Rod's team, only if he can keep this pace in all the stats.

These are the stats for both A Rod and Jeter. Now the team, the fans, the media, New York City, and the whole league loves Jeter. Jeter plays short stop, however, A Rod is a great at Short Stop. When A Rod went to the Yankees, Jeter was the Short Stop, already, so they placed A Rod at third base, I feel that A Rod should be at short stop. But A Rod being a team player said he would play 3B.
Jeter is a great Captain for the Yankees, however, A Rod is slowly becoming a leader to the Yankees by his great play.
Alex Rodriguez is not looking to out due Jeter, neither is Jeter trying to out due A Rod. They work great together, but in the long run the fans of New York will always love Jeter. And the fans loves and hates A Rod, it depends if A Rod hits at the plate or strikes out. So over this season A Rod is showing everyone that he is worth every penny of the 27,708,525 per yr.
If the Yankees wins another tittle this season, it be from hard work from the whole team. But it will also be from A Rod's play at the bat. A Rod is can make make the difference in the season and the playoffs. The Yankees win when A Rod is playing well like A Rod. But if Alex is off that day the Yankees loose. Nuff Said, the Yankees is now A Rod's team. Sorry Jeter, you are still great. But A Rod is the better.
By Mike D lunsford

Friday, June 15, 2007

Spurs won there forth tittle in 9 years

Spurs won there forth tittle in 9 years, now can the sports writers and all the fans say that Tim Duncan and the rest of the team, are the team of the decade.
Am just shocked at the TV rating. Nobody seemed to care about the finals, was it because the Spurs play old time basketball, and Cleveland had a snowball chance in hell to beat the Spurs?
Or could it been something more than that?
That the fans did not get who they wanted to see in the finals this year?
Almost everyone thought it would be Detroit and Dallas in the finals. Well Dallas and Detroit both had the two best records in the NBA this season.
I feel that NBA fans should come up out of there shallowness and give the Spurs and Cleveland there just dues. For both teams played hard, throughout the playoffs. Nuff said
By Mike D Lunsford

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spurs can they sweep the Cavs

Spurs can they sweep the Cavs. Tim Duncan is one win away from winning his forth tittle in 9 years. Now if the Spurs do win game four and sweep the Cleveland, dose that make the Spurs the team of the decade? Now I have mixed feelings about the out come of the Spurs up coming championship. Yes the odds for Cleveland, winning the four games, in the finals. Is possible, however, not going to happen. Cleveland, is to young, and the gas is almost out of the tank. And the Spurs are up three to zero, in the finals.
Lets say that Cleveland wins game 4, however, they have to win the rest of the games period. The Spurs only needs one more win. So the odds are with the Spurs.
Now the Spurs, needs to win to prove that they are the team in the NBA. Lets face it. Even when the Lakers with Shaq, and Kobe had to go through the Spurs. Everyone has forgotten that.
So yes they are the team of the Decade in all of pro sports.
New England won three Super Bowls, the Lakers won three NBA tittles, and the New York Yankees won four championships in a row. However, two of the tittles where in 98, and 99.
So you could say that Yankees and the Spurs are in a tie. You make the call.
I feel that it is the none sexy Spurs, Nuff Said.
By Mike D Lunsford.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tim Duncan is one win away from his forth Championship

Tim Duncan, is one win away from his forth Championship.
In game three in the NBA finales, the Spurs won by the bench. Not by Parker, Duncan, making all the plays.

Barry Bonds hits Homerun 747

Barry Bonds hits Homerun 747. However, it Bonds almost a whole month to reach it from 746. You can almost see Bonds in pain while swinging his bat. Bonds legs are tried, is Barry showing his age?
His last homerun was all upper body power.
Barry Bonds, has about 100 more games this season. To reach 756 career homeruns to pass Hank Aaron. To brake the record.
I am A fan of Barry Bonds, I just hope Bonds legs will get stronger, for the season is far from being over with.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Why no Love for the Spurs

The poor Spurs, nobody loves them. Why are the fans and the media not giving any love to the Spurs? They are on there way to win a forth title in 9 years. I feel it is from the lack of sexy basketball. No big dunks, maybe some lame layups. But nothing that gives the that damn affect. Now even Tim Duncan, seems not to understand why, there is no love for him and the Spurs. Well Timmy do not worry about, just go out and keep playing ball, there is nothing wrong with you and the rest of the team. We the fans and the media are the ones with a problem. We want instant highlights. A fast food fans of the game. Where you and the rest of Spurs are cooking a 5 star meal.

Yes we ate up with the high life, and we want that wow affect in are lives.
We are the problem. The only that will help us, is ourselves.
I no my problem and I will help root for your Spurs. Just keep winning those tittles and the league, the fans, and the media, will come and give you love, for the wonderful way you play basketball.
By Mike D Lunsford

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Spurs Duncan showing that they are the best

The Spurs are the real thing, the real deal. They closed down Cleveland. They shut them down, just face it NBA fans, Tim Duncan is the best player since Michael Jordan with the Bulls. Now I have stated that Lebron James, is the next big thing in the NBA, yes that is true. I will not go back and change what I have said on King James. However, until the rest of the team is can match his drive to be the best, then it will take a while for the Cavs to win a tittle.
For right now Duncan and his Spurs, are building a there team as one of the all time great teams that has ever won a Championship tittle in the NBA.
Tim Duncan and the Spurs, will win three more tittles before Duncan bows out and leaves the game.
That is my thoughts on the Spurs.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I have been to other sports blogs these last few weeks and I have come to the point, in my blogging life that most bloggers are want to be sports writers. Now am talking down about these bloggers or there blogs.
I want and need to be different about my blog. I want to inform, not just give my thoughts on the game but try to teach and learn more about the game myself.
Why I write about Barry Bonds? I write about Barry Bonds, to give a different view of him my view. Everyone writes about Bonds may have took drugs to increase his homeruns, myself believes that the man worked hard and never gave up on his dream of being the best at his game.
My picks are for fun also, however, though I want to make a living in what I know. That is my American Dream. Ratings mean a lot to me, I want to make my own way in this blogging world. So I train my mind and all ways keep learning more about the sports that I love such football, baseball, and basketball and boxing. And I learn a lot about myself at the same time also. So I hope that you fellow bloggers and readers and most of all fans will enjoy my views of the game. Once again I hope you the reader will give my blog a chance.

Another hint in picking games

Picking NFL games is work, but it is worth it. Like all work if you really work hard it will pay off. Now this is not playing the lotto or playing bingo. You have to study, you to read and learn about the game it self and players.

How to make money with a sports blog.

How to you make money with a sports blog. The best way is to inform your readers about the subject. If it is the NFL, point spread. Or on the progress on the teams and the players. You have to put work on the subject of the teams and players and coaches. Read the sports page, watch ESPN . Read your books on the game it self and take notes. Express them on paper, track your progress.
Most of all learn, about betting.
Nothing is easy, just like the players you have to train hard. It will be worth it at the end. This up coming season I will give you my picks for the NFL.
Now I have did my home work and I will see if it pays off this season.

Ready to make my NFL picks for 2007-2008 season

How I make my NFL picks. I watch the games, I watch the players and I read about the game and the players and most of I all pay attention to the coaches. I have been a fan of the NFL, all my life. I have been in love with game football for years. It is true the game can change your life, it teaches us to work together as a team. Now you might ask how this gives me the balls to say I can pick the NFL games week by week with a 80% rate. This coming season, I will post my picks of over all wins.
However, I will give a point spread also.
And at the end of the season you can be the judge, on how much of the game I do know.
I am even going to express my views on game. To help teach others to look deep inside of the game.
I have spent count less of hours on line and watching ESPN and reading about all the players.
Yes I love the this game.
The only thing I love more the game of football, is my ex girlfriend and our 4 children.
That is enough on that subject. Are you ready for some football. I am. Now from the first game of preseason to the Super Bowl. I will put in my work and share my picks all season long.
It is going to be fun to to express my picks to you and why what team wins or looses. And just maybe make alittle money on the way.
Life is not all about money however, it dose make life easier though. But I will show you the way.
So let us enjoy this up coming season.
By Mike D Lunsford

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

MLB Mangers losing there minds.

MLB Mangers losing there minds, ok everyone saw the video on the GM's throwing a fit that my 4 year old would not even do. I ask the question, why all these Mangers, acting like children I mean spoiled children. The answer is simple, they got the press looking at there teams. If you can recall only the teams with losing records went loco. The White Sox, the Yankees, the Cubs, and the AA Braves. It all stared with Joe Torre, from the Yankees, he was the only one who had a reel beef with the Refs. And Torre was tossed from the game but look what happened. The New York Yankees, was in the news. Not for there ruff season, not for A Rod love, hate circus from the media. But from there GM standing up to the refs. Yes, I said it. Torre, did not mean to be the side show like the other GMs. He did what he felt was right.
The other Gms, saw what he did, and used it, to take the heat of there teams. And in away to jump start there rest of there season, and just maybe to save there jobs.
Hey it works though, they was on every single news channel. From ESPN to local news to CNN and Fox.
Am not one to judge the MLB GMs, there job is to get there players to play there best. One way or the other. So there you go, they did not lose there minds and go loco, they are trying to win some games and save the rest of thee season.
By Mike D Lunsford.

Another Question

Another Question. Why is Tim Duncan, crying over Lebron James and the Cavs? Is Tim upset over all the press for James and Cleveland are getting? Is Duncan, upset that Cleveland, can beat them in the NBA finals? Or Is Tim Duncan, just telling us how he feels about James? I think it is all of it. The Cavs did beat the Spurs twice this season. James did dunk over Duncan in one of there loses to Cleveland.
Well am not saying the Duncan and the men are going to lose. However, it has to be in there mind. A younger team, could be a hunger team.
Lets not go that far yet. The Spurs are going for there fourth tittle in 9 years. Now that is truly a tall feat in the league todays time. Now the Spurs feel they have something to prove. Not to there fans or there city but to themselves. That are the team of there decade. James may have to prove that he is the future for the NBA, after Jordan. But Tim Duncan, is the face of the NBA now. And has been since Michael, left the Bulls. The question still stands for Tim Duncan. Why are you so upset? There is no question that you are great and yes that you will end up with a fourth tittle. By defeating the Cleveland. Duncan, you have never wanted the spotlight before. You just went out and played and hard, against every one. This should be on different now. You are not a bad boy, far from it. So please calm down. And go out and earn your right as a great leader of a great team. Even if the fans do not think your Spurs are sexy. Your Spurs may not be sexy your Spurs are champions.
And James is the future, however the present belongs to Tim Duncan.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Did Barry Bonds use steroids?

Did Barry Bonds use steroids? Or did hard work and training hard, get Bonds to the top of his game? I say it was hard work, why do I say that, because Barry Bonds passed every test for steroid use. He never failed a test at all. Can I ask you a Question? Baseball is America's game right? Baseball, proves that you can work hard and go far in what you love. Bonds is living proof that if you put in the work and work hard, and not give up. That you can do almost anything.

Now if that is not living his American dream, then I do not know what is. Barry, yes I am a fan of yours, not for just hitting homeruns. But for your hard work and never giving up. On your dream.

You sir are great, keep living out your dream.
By Mike D Lunsford

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Can I ask you a question?

Can I ask you a question? Why Dose Kobe Bryant, want to be traded? Bryant has everything he asked for with the Lakers. If he wants to go to another team I feel that is his right to. However the Lakers onwer Jerry Buss, and head Coach Phill Jackson, is trying to build the team around Bryant. The Lakers, is going through a rebuilding stage right now, matter fact, they have been rebuilding every since they traded O'neal. Now this is only three years after O'nea was traded to Heat. Now Kobe and Shaq was great together for awhile, however all things that great has to end. Unless they truly can work together and share the spotlight with each other. A.K.A. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin, even when Dennis Rodman joined the Bulls, they worked together as a team and shared the gory. That is what made the Bulls of the 90's great.
Even the Lakers of the 80's learned to work together, with Magic and Worthy, and Kerme. The 80's Lakers won 5 world championships together, and they did it with out falling apart.
Now O'neal, has won another tittle and Kobe who is still with the Lakers, is feeling like he needs to go another team to be a champion once more. Kobe I know this, another championship will come to the Lakers again just give it time.
Jackson wants to win one more to, Jackson has 9 tittles as a Head Coach, he wants to brake the record. Right now he is tied with Red Auerback with nine tittles a piece. Kobe I know it hurts to see your exteam mate win another tittle without you. But give it sometime and you and the Lakers can win again. Just give it time for the team to be rebuilt around you. Ok good then.
By Mike D Lunsford