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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lummpy's NFL picks for week 11

Pittsburgh over Cleveland
New England over Green Bay
Kansas City over Oakland
Miami over Minnesota
Cincinnati over New Orleans
NY Jets over Chicago My upset
Philadelphia over Tennessee
Tampa Bay over Washington
Carolina over St. Louis
Atlanta over Baltimore
Buffalo over Houston
Detroit over Arizona
Seattle over San Fran
Indianapolis over Dallas
San Diego over Denver
Jacksonville over NY Giants

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Results from My NBA picks from Nov 11

High flying James easly dunks on Boston

Atlanta 112 Seattle113
Cleveland 94 Boston 93
Minnesota 98 Orlando 109
San Antonio 100 New Atlanta 112 Seattle113
Cleveland 94 Boston 93
Minnesota 98 Orlando 109
San Antonio 100 New York 92
Chicago 89 Indiana 80
Utah 113 Milwaukee 111
Phoenix 96 Memphis 87
Detroit 79 Golden State 111

Kansas State upsets Texas 45 to 42

#4 Texas falls to unranked Kansas State 45. K-State put up 45 points to Texas’s 42.
Both teams fought hard all night long till the end of the game, however, Kansas State came up on top.

Oklahoma 34 Texas Tech 24

The Oklahoma Sooner’s scored 17 unanswered points in the second half to beat Texas Tech. The final score was Oklahoma 34 Texas Tech 24. Oklahoma has shown that they should be in top 5 ranked by the BCS poll. With #3 Louisville, #8 California and #5 Auburn. Now lets see if the BCS places The Sooner’s in the top five.

Nebraska upsets Texas A&M

Nebraska upsets Texas A&M. Final 28 to 27

Lummpy NBA's picks for November 11

Atlanta over Seattle
Cleveland over Boston
Minnesota over Orlando
San Antonio over New York
Chicago over Indiana
Utah over Milwaukee
Phoenix over Memphis
Detroit over Golden State

Another upset in College Football Arizona 34 to California 20

The another College upset with unranked Arizona takes down number (8) ranked California.
The Final Arizona 24 to California 20

Spurrier's South Carolina team loses to his old team the Flordia Gators

Steve Spurrier almost pulled the upset to number (6) ranked Florida. Spurrier who was Florida Head Coach for years and held a winning record with the Florida’s Gators, however, Spurrier left to Coach in The NFL with Washington Redskins. Spurrier was fired from Washington and landed at as the Head Coach for South Carolina. So this homecoming was bitter sweet for Coach Spurrier with this lose. S Carolina’s could have with two chances to take the game with a game with two field goal, however, both tries where blocked by the Gators. Final South Carolina to 16 Florida 17.

Miami Heat 113 to New Jersey 106

Results from My NBA Picks for November 10

Orlando 83 Indiana 93
Denver 108 Philadelphia 101
Milwaukee 111 Washington 116
Atlanta 111 Toronto 102
Seattle 113 Charlotte 85
Utah 107 Boston 100
Miami 113 New Jersey 106
Houston 103 New York 94
Oklahoma City 91 Portland 92
Detroit 97 LA Lakers 83

Georgia over Number fifth ranked Auburn

Tra Battle (25) doing his Superman thing after intercepting the ball from Auburn's QuarterBack Brandon Cox. The game in all aspects was a blowout.

Unranked Georgia upsets Auburn ranked (5) in the nation. The Final was Georgia 37 Auburn 15. This is the second top 5 team to fall this week. Louisville lost Rutgers last Thursday Night 28 to 25. This is shaking up in the BSC ranking system for this year and turning out to be one of the best College Football seasons in a very long time. The Bowl series is going to be interesting in late December into January. It is hard to say which teams will be playing for the Championship.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Results from November 9th NBA games

James gets fouled by Chicago's P.J. Brown, Brown had no other choice James is to strong and to fast for the Chicago's team. If you can not stop James I guess you foul him.

James taking Chicago's Luol Deng to school.

Dallas's head coach Avery Johnson, final has there first win.

Cleveland 113 to Chicago 94 wins by 19. Cleveland is playing strong so far this season with a record 3 wins to 1 lose. Oklahoma City suffered there first loses against Golden State, final Golden State 121 to Oklahoma City 116. Dallas has there first win against Phoenix, final Dallas 119 to Phoenix 112.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Louisville Ranked number 3 falls to Rutguers(15)

Louisville ranked number 3 in the country was defeated by Rutguers 3.
Rutguers missed a game winning field goal, however, Louisville was off side so the rekick was good to win the game. Rutguers 28 Louisville 25. This was the best game that I have seen this year.

Lummpy's NBA Picks for November 10th

Lummpy's NBA Picks for November 10th
Indiana at home over Orlando
Philadelphia at home over Denver
Washington at home over Milwaukee
Atlanta on the road over Toronto
Charlotte at home over Seattle
Utah on the road over Boston
Miami on the road over New Jersey
Houston at home over New York
Oklahoma City on the road over Portland
LA Lakers at home over Detroit

Lummpy NBA's pick for November 9

Lummpy's picks for the NBA November 9

Cleveland at home over Chicago

Oklahoma City on the road over Golden State

Phoenix at home over Dallas

Lummpy's NFL picks for week 10

Atlanta at home over Cleveland
Cincinnati at home over San Diego
Detroit at home over San Francisco
Tennessee at home loses to Baltimore
Indianapolis at home over Buffalo
Miami at home loses to Kansas City
Minnesota at home loses to Green Bay
New England at home over NY Jets
Philadelphia at home over Washington
Jacksonville at home over Houston
Oakland at home loses to Denver
Arizona at home loses to Dallas
Pittsburgh at home over New Orleans
St. Louis on the road over Seattle as my upset of the week
Chicago on the road over NY Giants

Monday Night Game
Carolina at home over Tampa Bay

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Seattle 16 Oakland 0 please tell me it was a bad dream

Oh My Head, it hurts, just let me lay here please.

Randy, Randy, why are you wasting your time at Oakland.

Okay there is nothing to say except Oakland got there asses kicked by Seattle, 16 to 0.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A win is a win for Oklahoma Soones

The Sooners and Texas A&M was just trying to out play each other, however, man was they hitting each other. Och I feel the hits, it was a train wreck.

Oklahoma wins a hard fought game Saturday Night against Texas A&M. At the end of the game the score was Oklahoma 17 Texas A&m 16. Stoops went for it on 4 down with just seconds left on clock, to keep the drive alive and for the win. One brave move for Coach Stoops.

Week 9 Results

8 out 13 for Sunday games for Week 9

Green Bay 10
Buffalo 24
Dallas 19
Wash 22
Indiana 27
New Eng 2o
Miami 31
Chicago 13
Atlanta 14
Detroit 30
Cincinnati 2o
Baltimore 26
Kansas City 31
St. Louis 17
Minnesota 3
San Fran 9
Houston 10
NY Giants 14
Pittsburgh 20
Denver 31
New Orleans 31
Tampa Bay 14
Cleveland 25
San Diego 32
Tennessee 7
Jacksonville 37

Manning drives his team to victory over the Pats.

Manning standing tall after the New England game.

Brady looks like his girlfriend dumped him.

Is it me or dose Tom Brady look like his girlfriend dumped him.

Manning passing not just the football but Manning passes Brady

Brady throwing every thing that he had to keep up with Manning.

A picture tells the story; Tom Brady was beaten by Peyton Manning late Sunday night. At New England, now New England did look good but Manning looked even better.
And if Manning is going to win a Super Bowl he needs to do it this season or next season before father time sacks him. This season looks really good for the Colts, however, Brady said it best this is week 9 and not the playoffs. For if you lose in the playoffs you go home. Now if you lose in week 9 you still have the rest of the season to play and try to make it in the playoffs. Brady knows this was the biggest game of the regular season. Yet it dose not really count till they meet in the playoffs. Brady and his Pats have beaten the Colts and Manning in the playoffs on the way to all three of there Super Bowls victories.
So we the fans ask if this could be the year for Manning. Manning’s team fell apart last season after going 12-0, then losing two games at the end of the season with a record 14-2. Then they lost in playoffs, in the second round, and the Colts was the team that was going to win the Super Bowl. I hate to sound like everyone else but that is why they play the game. The regular season is only half through, who knows what is going to happen. A lot more football is yet to be played.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spurs 97 Dallas 91

Spurs win there first game of the againt Dallas

Lummpy's NFL pick for week 9

Buffalo over Green Bay
Chicago over Miami
Atlanta over Detroit
Kansas City over St. Louis
NY Giants over Houston
New Orleans over Tampa Bay
Dallas over Washington
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Cincinnati over Baltimore
Minnesota over San Francisco
Denver over Pittsburgh
San Diego over Cleveland
Indianapolis over New England
Monday Night game
Seattle over Oakland

My results for week 8 in the NFL

8 out 14

Chicago 41 San Francisco 10 won
Atlanta 29 Cincinnati 27 won
Green Bay 31 Arizona 14 won
Tennessee 28 Houston 22 won
Kansas City 35 Seattle won
Baltimore 35 New Orleans 22 lost
NY Giants 17 Tampa Bay 3 won
Jacksonville 13 Philadelphia 6 lost
San Diego 38 St. Louis 24 lost
Cleveland 20 NY Jets 13 lost
Indianapolis 34 Denver 31 won
Oakland 2o Pittsburgh 13 lost
Dallas 35 Carolina 14 lost
New England 31 Minnesota won

Lummpy's NBA picks

There are only two games tonight, however, I still will give my picks.

Dallas over San Antonio
LA Clippers over Denver

Here are the Results from my NBA picks

1o out of 13

Orlando 109 Chicago 94 Lost
Philadelphia 88 Atlanta 75 WON
Indiana 106 Charlotte 99 Won
Oklahoma City 91 Boston 87 Won
New Jersey 102 Toronto 92 Won
Cleveland 97 Washington 94 Won
Milwaukee 105 Detroit 97 Lost
Minnesota 92 Sacramento 83 Won
New York 118 Memphis 117 Won
Utah 107 Houston 97 Lost
Portland 110 Seattle 106 Won
La Lakers 110 Golden State 98 Won
Phoenix 112 La Clippers 104 Won

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lummpy's NBA picks

Chicago over Orlando
Philadelphia over Atlanta
Indiana over Charlotte
Oklahoma City over Boston
New Jersey over Toronta
Cleveland over Washington
Detroit over Milwaukee
Minnesota over Sacramento
New York over Memphis
Houston over Utah
Portland over Seattle
LA Lakers over Golden State
Phoenix over LA Clippers

Can The Heat Repeat?

Can Shaquille O’Neal and the Miami Heat repeat as Champions of the NBA? The regular season started last night on October 31. The Heat lost to a very young Chicago Bulls team. The Bulls signed Ben Wallace during off season. Wallace gives Chicago power in the paint that the Bulls have not had since Dennis Rodman. The Heat still has the same line up as last seasons World Champions. With O’neal, as the leader and Dwayne Wade as the young and upcoming Super Star. Yes I said up and coming, the reason why Wade is not a star yet, he has only been in the league for three years going on his fourth. When Wade has been in the league for a few more years and has improved each year then we can call him a Super Star. I am not bashing Wade, I am just being honest how many players come out win a Championship and just fade away the rest of there career. I hope Wade is not one of these kinds of players. Now with a lost like the Heat took last night, the know it all sports writers are saying the Heat is in trouble and they are not picking the Heat to repeat as Champs. Okay the Heat lost badly, however, you can base the whole season on the first game. I am just in shock someone slap me. Better off someone call the papers and tell them stop pushing there hate against teams or players they dislike.