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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gmail - Watch "Bush Speech (Edited)" on Google Video

Gmail - Watch "Bush Speech (Edited)" on Google Video

Gmail - Watch "George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"" on Google Video

Gmail - Watch "George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"" on Google Video

Gmail - Watch "President Bush Impersonation - 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner" on Google Video

Gmail - Watch "President Bush Impersonation - 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner" on Google Video

Could Dallas be forever Young

Vince Young, will be starting Sunday, against the Dallas Cowboys. Young was a great college quterback, but can he handle the fast pace of the NFL. Sunday well tell, how Young candle the stress of a starter in the NFL. I believe that Young, can handle the pass rush, for Young fast feet and scramble abilty. Young's arm strenth is a problem, in most peoples eyes he cannot be able to throw the ball far down the feild, nor dose he stay in the poctect. Today's NFL, is not that way anymore, for example look at Michael Vick. Vick is not going to stay in the poctect, when he can run with ball and make a first down. Drink your coffee, and wake up and watch the games, then we will find out how well Young, preformed on the feild.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coming together in November

Five Years ago our country lost 3ooo brave souls. During The Sep 11 attack. I am very upset that this country can not unite. We all are Americans, it dose not matter what political group each one of us belong to, Republican or Democratic. Our country needs each one one of us, standing together, however, with elections coming up in November, whoever, you vote for let be for a American, that will work as hard to protect our great country, also I hope that they work with The President in uniting our people once again in our time of war. The 3000 lives that were lost on that horrible day, will not have died in vain. They are the reason why we are stronger than ever before. I remember 9 11, Bill and I, was working at a electronics store all the televisions were on with the one of the twin towers on fire, then a plane crashes in the second tower. My heart dropped in my stomach, how could this happen, yet it did happen now the next day I saw American flags from homes. However, they came down almost as fast as they went up. Once again my heart was dropping in my stomach, now from some our own American people calling our President, evil hateful names. Now our we the people, will reunite before the next 9 11, or after another plane hits another building, or when another 3000 lives are lost. That is why we the people need to elect right Americans, this coming November. Drink your coffee and wake up, America.

SmallVille is back

Tonight Smallville, starts there new season. Clark is in the Phantom Zone and the rest of the planet going nuts. However, Zod is running wild on Earth. After seeing the first show, of the season, I was very pleased. The show is the best Superman show, I even think some of the shows are better than some of the movies, I hate to say it. Every season is better than the last.

I was sitting by pins and needles watching the battle between Clark and Zod. With Clark kneeling down and holding the hand of Zod, but Clark had that S medallion which zapped Zod back to the Phantom zone. So I'll just have to wait till next week for my Superman fix. Well drink your coffee and we well go back to our sports and national news, but I just dig my Superman.

Trent Green, still on sideline after the train wreck of a hit, that Green took two weeks ago. Green will be out for aleast two more weeks. That is two more games,if the chiefs, can win atleast one of the games, while Green is gone then the chiefs should just find through out the season. I am holding my coffee cup tight, waiting to see just how the Kansas City Chiefs, finish the first month of the season.

T.O. Returns to practice

T.O., returns today to practice with the Cowboys. Owens please practice, take it easy catch the ball and then run with ball. Run the patrons, do the Xs and Os so you can forget about T.O.. Now that is said hear couch, Bill wants Owens to play, only if Owens is able to. Forget about the pills, Owens did brake his finger the last time he played. The Eagles are waiting for you T.O., they to give you some big time pay back, for destroying there team a year ago. Now go play the Titians, and just try to play okay. No pom poms or dancing, please keep your mouth shut.
Rember drink your coffee, wake up soon or you will be watching the game on Sunday and not playing the game.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Barry Bonds will return

Barry Bonds, will return for the 2007 season. After all Barry Bonds, has been through I am so glad to see him come back for another year. Bonds has a chance to break the homerun record. Bonds is 21 homeruns away from the record, with 26 homeruns this season, bonds should be able to pass Hank Arrons record of 755. Personal I would like to see Bonds, hit 800 homeruns. With all the hated for Bonds, over the years for his press can go to hell outlook. I hope that Bonds dose indeed break the record for all the writers out there writing hate toward the grestest baseball players in our time. So sports writers wake up and drink your coffee, and give Barry Bonds the credit he derserves.

Owens has to be in the spotlight

Dose Owens have to be in spotlight. Now that T.O. held a press converses today, claiming he was not trying to kill himself. Once again the press cannot stop with feeding the air waves. Nobody wants to see Owens hurt, yet Owens still pushes himself into the spotlight. As much as he can. If he is not waving pom poms, or doing a dance after a touchdown, now he is faking a suicide attempt. What eles would you call it, just another attempt to stay in spotlight. He dose enouth on the field as a player, to gain attention he is great yet he still has to be a jackass off the field.
Owens this might be your last chance to play in the NFL. So I would slow down drink my coffee and wake up, before you are the best player without a team again.

T.O. tries to kill himself

Why in the world would T.O. of the Dallas Cowboys, try to kill himself? The man is worth millions. Could it be he is a Jackass. T.O., you have given the fans of he game one more reason to not like you. Why now you have pulled the poor me card out of your ass. Last few years you have claimed that you are the greatest, and I want and need more money if you want to keep me. He destroyed The Eagles alone, single handed that was you T.O. you did that. You helped a good team a year before to get over the hump and help to get the Super Bowl. Owens is truely one of the best players, yet that you are not a team player. You can be, like how you played in the Superbowl. Owens, plays with all heart, just like alast weekend he broke his ring finger,however, Owens kept playing. Now why would this player, this man would ever hurt himself on perpose. This is not like big Ben from the Steelers, crashing his bike in a car, and almost dieing from the wreck. I hope that Owens, will stop acting like the NFL owes him someting and when he dose not get what he wants he turnes into a jackass. I hope for Owens this is his last try at attention. Owens is a great player, now please be a great person. I hope T.O. will be okay, but please drink your coffee and wake up. You can be great T.O., you play with heart, just use your brain with your heart.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Bill Clinton, former president of the United States of American. Claimes that his Presidency, did more to kill Bin Olden then our current President Bush. Well if that is true then why did he not take advantage of having Bin olden capuredor even killed.At least ten times Clinton had the chance but he claims, that hes has done more. Okay is he now barken loudly, he is truely the leader of the MOONBATS. Nobody but his fellow moonbats, believe that. Sure they need to talk tuff nuff now after ABC showed the movie Path to 9-11. Trying to win the people over by telling Chris Wallace from Fox news that he was working so hard to capure and kill Bin Olden. With his finger pointing looking like he when LIED ABOUT SLEEPING WITH THAT WOMEN. Come on they have to lie, that is all the moonbats know. Well I and many others know the truth. I have drunk my coffee and wide awake. You cannot fool me. Chris Wallace should pushed the former President harder, but in Wallace's defence he was trying to be fair and balance. I hope Fox shows that interview through out the elections. Fox please drink the coffee.

NFL please stop pushing views, and play the game

After watching the monday night football game, between the Falcons and Saints. I felt very sad, not for watching the Falcons lose 23 to 3. For the broadcasting booth talking about how the city of New Orleans, still needs help being rebuilt. The reason why I was sad was having the gulit pushed on me, from Spike Lee and all the sad stories from the citizens from New Orleans, and the guys from the booth. Come on it is a football game. When the NFL, took off after Sep 11, there where no concerts. The NFL, is the best sports league out of the big three, NBA, NFL, MLB. Please NFL, it is great that the city is being rebuilt and yes there is alot do. Please do not make a game into political statement. I want to watch the game. Do not use the game to push views on the public. The game was on ESPN not FOX news. Alright sports on ESPN and news on FOX about the President and how he is doing with the rebuilding of the New Orleans. OKAY wake up drink the coffee ESPN and NFL.

Friday, September 22, 2006

We need a Superman

This world that we all live on, needs the man of steel. Somebody to stand up for the American way of life. Truth justice in the American way, we are being attacked us from within our country and from across the water. I will rember the 3000 Americans lives that we lost. 3000, it is hard to think about, we need Superman to stop those people who want to kill us. It is just spokes the hell hell out of me. That we are not safe yet, Bush has done alot in protecting our country but there is alot more to do. This country needs someone to close our border, secure our flights. The fact is that everyone has to step up to bat and protect our land. The job needs Americans to unite, or it needs Superman that can handle the job by himself. Ok Americans wake up and smell the coffee.

OCCC has no love for a Republican a club

OOCC, held a meet and greet for the students and the clubs at the college. Now there were many different clubs there execpt the young Republicans club. I wounder why, it looks like the school just maybe a left leaning college. I am now in my second term, here at OCCC, and no young Republica club. OCCC please drink the coffee and wake up. Before there are clubs that hurt our college, our city, our state, and yes our country. WE and yes I say we for I attend OCCC, cannot become a left wing college, so every student drink your coffee and wake up.

Oklahoma football team was given the shaft

If anyone saw the game, between the Sooners and the Ducks, on 09-16-06. Could say Oklahoma was screwed. Now if you are a Duck fan you you might believe the game was called just right. You may even say that the game was called right. The game was called and over please move on to the next game. Keep playing teams loss everyday, and teams win everyday. Yes the refs screwed the soones, but let the NCAA review the game and calls that refs made. Let them play again, now there is idea. Just take that win off the record and play the game again. There problem solved, or instate a playoff system for college football. Take the best 4 teams, and let them play. They can make BCS bowl games into a three step system. So sports fans out there drink your coffee, and wake up.