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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is there a problem with betting on sports ?

Is there a problem with betting on pro sports ? Or even with betting on college sports ?
I think there is . Everyday there is something in the papers and ESPN about the players and who is doing what and how well they are doing or not doing.
This just feeds us. It gives the fans the insight on the games and the players.

Why do you think they release the report on who is hurt and will play and not play .
This is candy to the bookies and to the fans who bets on there teams.

There is a lot wrong with Pro Sports today however it could get worse.
But thank God that I still be for the most part that the game is and the players are honest and dose not throw any of the games.
Even if it has been done before such as The Black Sox throwing the World series.
and Pete Rose betting on baseball.

Even if these problems came to past I still believe that for the most part the game is on the up and up.

Who will be the next great homerun king ?

Who will be the next homerun king ?
Will it be A-Rod or Ryan Howard, or could it even be Prince Fielder ?

My money is on A-Rod myself yet, Prince and Howard are younger than A-Rod. Prince is in his third year with 74 career homeruns and 44 homeruns for this season thus far. That is mind blowing.
However , Ryan Howard is in his forth year in the major's and has 38 homeruns for this season. But Howard is the fastest player to hit 100 homeruns for his career. That is saying something. Not Ruth or Bonds or even Aaron can say that they hit 100 homeruns faster than anyone.
These players are and were the best in the game.

Now just think about it. If A-Rod , Prince and Howard will change the record books after all A-Rod was hit 500 career homeruns faster than anyone else, take that Howard.
Oh yes by the way Howard your record of hitting 100 homeruns faster than anyone else is going to be tied by Prince or broken by Prince. But do not worry Ryan , you will set a new record very soon for hitting 200 homeruns faster then anyone else.

This is what am been posting about for the last few mths.
That all the records will be broken in baseball in the next few years. That is hitting records.
Everyday it seems that A-rod and Howard and Prince are just hitting bombs out of the park.

There are others that are doing as well , such as David Ortiz and Manny Ramires with Boston.
The game has changed and with all these great sluggers doing so well it is going to be fun to watch the results of there careers.
Yes , all of these players would love to win a World Series , yet , by breaking records and having your name being dropped with all time greats such as Aaron, Ruth, Mayes, and of course Barry Bonds, is saying something else they will become baseball ICONs.

And that is every young boys dream that plays baseball wants to be the next Babe Ruth.
So I ask you who will be next to be the King of Swing ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sammy Sosa is now has 607 career Homeruns

With two more homeruns on Sunday hit by Sammy Sosa, that brings Sosa to 607 for his career.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bonds setting the bar high in the All Time Career Homerun Record

Barry Bonds hits his 28th homerun for the season ( 2007 ).
Which moves the All Time career homerun record to 762.
Bonds just maybe will set the bar to 800 career homeruns. It will take A-Rod another 5 years to reach 800 career homes. A-Rod is at 512 career homeruns thus far in his career.

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Here is my grade report on sports.

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A-Rod hits a Bomb. His 47th homerun for the season ( 2007)

A-Rod hits his 47 homerun for the 2007 season that helps his Yankees keep there lead in Wildcard race for the playoffs in AL east.
Seattle won the first game but the Yankees took game two. A-Rod how has 511 career homeruns.
If A-Rod might hit 61 homeruns this season ( 2007 ). Who knows he might be the 5th Baseball player in the MLB to hit 61 homeruns for a single season.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Lummpy's NFL Picks week 1 2007

Thursday Night
Indianapolis over New Orleans

Sunday Afternoon
Denver over Buffalo
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Philadelphia over Green Bay
St.Louis over Carolina
Miami over Washington
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Kansas City over Houston
Detroit over Oakland
Chicago over San Diego
Seattle over Tampa Bay

Monday Night
Cincinnati over Baltimore
San Francisco over Arizona

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A-Rod's Stats

For more of A-Rod's stats here are a few Links.

The men and women who keep up with these stats. I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work.

A-Rod's Stats for 2007.

A-Rod stats 's for this season 2007.
2007 31 NYY AL 131  483  121  148  27  0  44  124  19  2  78  95  .306  .415  .636  179  307   0   8   6  17  14 AS
Year Ag Tm  Lg  G   AB    R    H   2B 3B  HR  RBI  SB CS  BB  SO   BA   OBP   SLG *OPS+  TB   SH  SF IBB HBP GDP

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Barry Bonds and A-Rod just needs one more Homerun to make history.

One more to hit. For two two future Hall of Famers.
Barry Bonds needs one more homerun to tie Hank Aaron for the career homerun leader.

A-Rod needs one more homerun to hit 500 homeruns for his career.

Now both of these men will make it to the Hall of Fame. Bonds will pass Aaron to hit more homeruns then anyone else in baseball history in the MLB.
Now, what I think and others that also believe that A-Rod , will even hit more homerun than Bonds.
This is the best time time to be a baseball , never have we seen this records be broken at a pace.

We are also seeing a the baseball bat being passed down from one great hitter to the next.
Bonds is being a true sports in saying that when A-Rod , passes him with the most career homeruns. That he will be there to shake A-Rods hand.
That is something that Bonds is not getting from Aaron.
I pose this question, can a man work out and train to improve his body ?
Without using THG or steroids ?
The answer is yes.
Now , maybe Aaron does not want to still the spotlight from Bonds. Or he does believe that Bonds has cheated.
Now , whatever Aaron thinks about Bonds , he still should give baseball fans and baseball the respect to show up for the Giants upcoming games to watch Bonds make history by passing his great record.
I would like to think that Babe Ruth would have been there to support Aaron pass him as the all time career homerun hitter.
So with this said I understand that Hank went through hell as he was passing Ruth. Aaron , played Baseball in a time were he was called everything in the book expect A Man.
We all understand this.
Yet , Aaron will be doing the same thing to Bonds , if he does not go to the games and watch Bonds set the new record.
I can tell you that I believe Willie Mayes will be there.
To not to give the support to Barry Bonds , by Hank Aaron. Is turning his back on everything that Aaron stood for.
All the years being called names god awful names. I hope Aaron changes his mind and supports another man that is about to make history.

Now , Bonds sees the what is happening to himself and he said he will not do it to A-Rod. When and if A-Rod can pass Bonds. I and many others do expect to see A-Rod to pass Bonds.

This is a damn shame that Bonds has to endure such things from a man who was been through so much worse. When he was still playing Baseball.
Nuff Said

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why Pro Sports Leagues are loosing Fans.

What in the hell are is wrong with with our three major Sports leagues.
People are Leagues are in trouble. NBA, NFL, MLB.
Michael Vick , is in trouble over the dog fighting with the Feds.
A Ref, in the was beating on games with Mob ties.
Bud Selig, with MLB. Cannot not make up his damn mind if he will be there when Bonds breaks the Homerun record.

Lets just face it people, our teams our players, and the Refs, and owners, and the men and woman that run these leagues. Need help. They are taking a pounding.

This why, some sports fans give up on Pro Leagues. And start supporting college team sports.
This a big black eye, and and bloody lip.
Now, the NCAA has there problems to. Yet , it is no where close in the same ball park to there Pro sports counter parts.
This is so very damaging to our fans. We trust the players and all the way up the to the owners , to keep the game clean. No foul play from the outside.

No I know, that the Michael Vick story. Does hit the NFL dead in the nose. Vick has the best selling Jersey for the NFL. With that said Vick puts seats in the stands. Vick brings high TV ratings. Vicks style of football is loved by the fans , by the fellow teammates and by the league and other teams and players couches. The media, Vick is a highlight reel just by himself.
So yes this hurts the NFL.

Bud Selig, please get of your but and go to the games and watch Barry Bonds , break Aarons homerun record. Shake Bonds 's hand and tell him good job. It oes not matter if you think he cheated. Bonds has never tested postived for THG or steroids. I know you and Aaron are goods friends. Yet , do your job and support Bonds.
Barry puts seats in the stands. He is making your league money. Period!!!!!!!!!

The NBA Ref , that has been caught with Mob Ties , and placing beats on the games that he Refereed. He may have changed the out come on these games. Wow, that hurts. The NBA , has the worst case then the other two leagues.
Just think about it. This Ref , could have effected the outcome of the NBA season . The playoffs , and the Championship.
That hurts. Now , this is so much like The Chicago Black Sox.
This could almost kill the NBA.

I just hope that our sports leagues can get through this fast. This just shows you that it just takes just one person to crush our sports leagues.
Now that is scary it is very scary.

Hallar At Me If you Hear Me !!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Barry Bonds

Happy Birthday Barry Bonds.
I hope you had a great 43rd Birthday.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A-Rod and the Yankees; Blows out Tampa Bay

A-Rod and the rest of the Yankees, are ram wild on Tampa Bay. The score was 21 to 4.
Everyone of the starters had a hit. I have never seen anything like this before. Well, only when Cleveland had 20 runs on my Yankees.
Well to get back to the Yankees, and A-Rod. A-Rod moves closer to 500 career homeruns. A-Rod is now at 498 career homeruns. And he now has 34 for the season ( 2007).

Boston needs to watch out for the Yankees. Boston's lead is sinking. Game by game. The Yankees, can catch up with the Boston. I think they will be tied for first place by the end of the season.
The Yankees, and Boston, has great history.
Everyone knows about the Babe Ruth, story. Everyone knows about the Yankees, choking in the playoffs against Boston. (2004)

So if the Yankees, can back from being 12 games back from Boston. It will be a great to see the Boston Red Sox, and there fans sweet. I am sorry but after The Red Sox, acted after the 2004 series I cannot help it for pulling for the Yankees.

Yankees, the underdogs. I cannot believe am saying that. That is truly a sin. Yet, I have to say that Yankee, pride will keep them in it. A-Rod, is filled with Yankee pride. He is hitting the ball better than anyone right now. Hell A-Rod, is hitting the ball better than anyone this whole season.
I mean no disrespect to the great Barry Bonds. Or Ken Griffey Jr. Matter a fact am trying to give any disrespect to anyone in the league. I do know that to hit a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports period.
In saying this is A-Rod, worth a 250 million dallar contact ?

Well if I was the Manger I would find away to keep A-Rod, with the New York Yankees.
Would let the best baseball player go. I do not think so. Not if you have the money to keep him.
Think about it. If you was the Owner of the Yankees, would let A-Rod, go to Boston ?

That would just be crazy. A-Rod, is the one player with the Yankees, that is giving his team a chance to catch Boston. Yes, I know Jeter, is doing his part by keeping the Yankees, in the race for the playoffs. Yet, Jeter, is not going far beyond his game to get the Yankees, init.
Jeter, is being Jeter. A great baseball player.

A-Rod, is going way beyond his game. I have not seen a player to have this kind of impact on his team. Only Barry Bonds, and Michael Jordon, has this kind of impact on there team. And I have to put in this group Joe Montona also. The list is very short of players that carried there team.
Lebron James, is another player and D Wade.

All, of these players are worth there contacts that they have signed in there careers. So I do believe that A-Rod, should get his contact. Which is rumored to be up to 250 million.
If A-Rod, get this contact. He will have made about 800 million, from Texas and New York.
That is unbelievable.

Deep inside of me, I would love to see A-Rod, go join Barry Bonds at San Fran. However, I cannot see the Yankees, letting A-Rod, go. Even though, it will cost the Yankees, a arm and a leg.
I just wonder if there will be any Yankee, players will be upset if indeed A-Rod, signs a high dollar contact.
Only time will tell if the A-Rod, will stay with Yankees. Or play some where else.

I just have this last thing to say and I will end with this. Keep A-Rod, Joe and George Steinbrenner. Damn he is worth the money, and besides A-Rod, will bring back the career Homerun record back to New York. Yes, A-Rod, will pass Bonds.

Nuff Said.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Can We please Stop Writing About Michael Vick ?

I am sick and tried of hearing about Michael Vick. Is there any other sports stories going out there.
Yes, there is . Now what about Barry Bonds, reaching 753 career homeruns. Or lets say Ken Griffey Jr, hitting 2500 career hits.
How about A-Rod, now with 32 homeruns for the season,which gives me 496 career homeruns.
A-Rod, is saving the Yankees, this season.
Or what about the upcoming NFL, season.

Now why are we the media, the press , and the bloggers, are giving Vick, press coverage. Yes, i know that Michael Vick, is a big story.
With the Feds, pressing down on me. The trial does not start for mths, there are other stories, to write about. The only reason am posting this post about Michael Vick, is trying to get the word out.
Please for God sake, give our athletes, there respect, and start giving the credit, for the there record setting seasons, and there careers.

Now with all the details are released on Vick's, dog fighting ring. It drives me crazy, for I love Pitbul dogs, and this poor example of a NFL, Quarterback, with the worst passing % in the league, is a waste of our time writing about.

When we can write about other stories in the league. All sports leagues, and our athletes, that we should give praise to.
Michael Vick story is just as sick as the Chris Benoit story. Vick if he is quilty , then it is up to law and the court, to set a punishment for him.
And then the NFL, should set the bar high in the punishment, dealing with Vick.
If Vick is shown not quilty, then Vick, should must be allowed to come back to the league.
However, I myself, am going to not post about Vick till he is in court.
Nuff Said

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Top 20 Homerun Hitters of All Time

1 Hank Aaron 755

2 Barry Bonds 753

3 Babe Ruth 714

4 Willie Mays 660

5 Sammy Sosa 602

6 Ken Griffey Jr 587

7 Frank Robinson 586

8 Mark McGwire 583

9 Harmon Killebrew 573

10 Rafeal Palmeiro 569

11 Reggie Jackson 563

12 Mike Schmidt 548

13 Mickey Mantle 536

14 Jimmie Foxx 534

15 Willie McCovey 521`

15 Ted Williams 521

16 Ernie Banks 512

16 Eddie Mathews 512

17 Mel Ott 511

18 Eddie Murray 504

19 Frank Thomas 501

20 Alex Rodriguez 495

Barry Bonds; Only three more , Barry

After sitting out a few games this week , Barry Bonds hits two more homeruns, at Chicago.
Yes, the Cubs still won the game, yet, Bonds, drove in 6 runs.
The Giants lost yet, thanks to Bonds, they had a chance to win. Now for everyone that has been asking when is Bonds going to break the record.
Well with the two homeruns Bonds, is two shy to tie Aaron, and of course three to pass and set a new record.
Now that Barry is at 753 career, homeruns. The Giants and Bonds, is going to Hank Aaron , park where Aaron, hit most of his 755 homeruns.
It is going to be sad for the Aaron's fans to see Barry Bonds, come there Aaron's, home field and to see Barry, hit at least one homerun there.
I would love to see Barry Bonds, hit two homeruns at Milwaukee. To leave there field tied with Aaron, at 755 career homeruns. The Milwaukee, fans, and press along with the media will be pulling there hair out. Yelling at Bonds, calling him a cheater.
Now I like to see it, because whatever they might say, it is going to happen. Barry Bonds , will pass Aaron, as the All Time career Homerun leader.
Bonds, is a Hall Of Famer. no matter what you think of him good or bad. If you Love him or hate him.
And for Bud Selig, I have some words for you. Get up off your but, get in your car drive to the airport, get on the plane, and GO TO THE GAMES, YOU HAVE TO BE THERE WHEN BARRY BONDS, BREAKS THE RECORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I hope I made it clear NUFF BUD.
I do not care if you like Bonds, or not.
You have to be there to see it happen, and you have to be shaking Barry's hand after the game.
In front of the press and the media.
I hope that is clear, Bonds, is bringing buts in the seats at the ball park where ever he plays.
He is making the league money. Cold hard cash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just think of all the MLB, games that he is going to be in, after he hits 755.
Well Nuff Said

What is one of your faviate songs ?

This is one of my favorite songs;

Maybe I didn't love you quite as good as I should have,
Maybe I didn't hold you quite as often as I could have,
Little things I should have said and done,
I just never took the time.

You were always on my mind,
You were always on my mind.

Maybe I didn't hold you all those lonely, lonely times,
And I guess I never told you, I'm so happy that you're mine,
If I made you feel second best,
I'm sorry, I was blind.

You were always on my mind,
You were always on my mind,

Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died,
Give me, give me one more chance to keep you satisfied,
If I made you feel second best,
I'm sorry, I was blind.

You were always on my mind,
You were always on my mind.

For you Diana

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I thought you might like to Laugh

Proven Facts
1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an

2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a
skating rink.

3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to
the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can
buy cigarettes at the front.

4. Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large
fries, and a diet coke.

5. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain
the pens to the counters.

6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in
the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and
then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't
want to talk to in the first place.

8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns
in packages of eight.

9. Only in we use the word 'politics' to describe the
process so well:
'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'

10. Only in they have drive-up ATM's with Braille

Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?

Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?

Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"?

Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?

Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"?

Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click .."?

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid
made with real lemons?

Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?

When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it?

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?

You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes?
Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff??

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through
stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods:

On a Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping.
( that's the only time Ihave to work on my hair).

On a bag of Fritos:! ..You could be a winner! No purchase necessary.
Details inside. (the shoplifter special)?

On a bar of Dial soap: "Directions: Use like regular soap." (and that
would be how???....)

On some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestion: Defrost." (but,
it's "just" a suggestion).

On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom): "Do not turn upside
down." (well...duh, a bit late, huh)!

On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating."
(...and you thought????...)

On packaging for a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body." (but
wouldn't this save me more time?)

On Boot's Children Cough Medicine: "Do not drive a car or operate
machinery after taking this medication." (We could do a lot to reduce the rate of
construction accidents if we could just get those 5-year-olds with
head-colds off those forklifts.)

On Nytol Sleep Aid: "Warning: May cause drowsiness."
(and.. .I'm taking this because???....)

On most brands of Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only."
(as opposed to...what?)

On a Japanese food processor: "Not to be used for the other use." (now,
somebody out there, help me on this. I'm a bit curious.)

On Sunsbury's peanuts: "Warning: contains nuts."
(talk about a news flash)

On an American Airlines packet of nuts: "Instructions: Open packet, eat
nuts." (Step 3: maybe, Delta?)

On a child's superman costume: "Wearing of this garment does not enable
you to fly." (I don't blame the company. I blame the parents for this one.)

On a Swedish chainsaw: "Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands or
genitals." (..was there a lot of this happening somewhere?)

Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread the
stupidity and send this to someone you want to bring a smile to (maybe even a

Michael Vick ; A real Jackass

What the hell is Michael Vick; thinking. Running a Pitbull fighting ring!!!!!!!!
Now this gets me pissed off!!!!! For I had Pitbulls in the past, and yes I will own a few more in the future.
The Pitbulls has a bad enough name that it is, this just more bad press for the dogs. To hell with what this is doing to Vicks, career in the NFL.
Nobody, and I nobody should treat a dog like that, there are reports that he killed the some of the dogs, if they did not fight well in the ring.
I did not want to write on this story. because just thought of it makes me sick , and it just reminds me of my family, along with my Pitbull dogs.
With that out the way, I need to ask why, are these athletes, making really dumb mistakes that will hurt there careers.
You have Pac-man Jones, that just cannot stay away from the bars.
You have this Jackass, Vick, that just flat out breaks the law. Then you have Tank Johnson, which I feel that Tank, is the only one that got screwed. The Bears, should have not cut the man.
Which, I know why they did, because Tank, was pulled over from leaving a bar, and he did have a few drinks.
Yet, the Bears, should have waited to see how much he had drunk first before he was cut from the team.
Chicago made there choice and I cannot blame them for cutting Tank.
After all, he should have not took a chance, driving after he had a few drinks.
Alright so this brings me back to Vick, I just cannot believe this man, would take the chance to throw away his career. He could get up to 6 six years, in the jail.
Now Pac-man, should lose the season, je should not play unless. He can prove that he is trying to change his ways.
If he does not show that he is changing his ways, then the NFL, should let him come back.

Now I hope this will be the last time we hear about these players, in any sports leagues, that screw up this bad.
I know he are only human and that we will make mistakes in our lives.
However, please do not dumb about it.
Nuff Said.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NFL season is almost here

I was thinking about the upcoming NFL, season. Now the preseason will start in just a few a few weeks. The preseason, is 6 weeks long. My thought on the preseason, is to long. It should only be 4 weeks long.
And add the other two weeks, to playoffs.
There are alot that just miss out on the playoffs, that get the game really going toward the middle of the season.
Is it right, that the those good teams, just miss the playoffs ? Maybe.
However, the players contact, does count the preseason games. This happened, how times have we seen a player get hurt, and cannot play till middle season, or the next season.
Yes, the preseason is needed for the couching staff, to judge the players, but 6 games ?
You have to kidding me.
They go through spring training. Along withj the preseason. They know will make the team or not.
TV ratings, you tell me, what gets more ratings, the prerseason games or the playoffs ?
Am sorry what was that.
Why, yes you are right. It is the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!
It just seems it would be better business, to shorten the preason and extend the playoffs.

Some of you might day then why not extend the season, and leave the playoffs alone, with they shorten the preseason ?
The only way I see that to happen. Is if they add more teams.
If the in NFL, expends the league from 32 teams to lets say 34 or 36 teams. Then the NFL would have to go a 18 week season.
That would be fair, to the league and to the players, and to the fans.
The playoffs, would have to expand then also. By two weeks.
Yet, I see the preseason, still only needs to be 4 weeks long as for right now. The players does not get there contact money for the preseason games.
Yes, am sure they do get paid for there time. However, what if they get hurt?
You do not play you do not get paid, unless it is in your contact.
Look fans, the NFL, is a business. Matter fact the biggest sports business in the world. It only would make the owners more money. If they take two weeks from the preseason, and then add the two games to the playoffs.
Nuff Said.

Will they go in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, A-Rod. Are hitting the ball well. All these sluggers, are in the 600 club, the only two that are not are A-Rod, and Ken Giffey Jr.
Now Jr, will be soon very soon. And A-Rod, is only 5 homeruns away, from breaking 500 career homeruns.
Bonds is sitting on 751, homeruns, Sosa, 602, Ken Griffey Jr 587, and A-Rod 495 career homeruns.
With all these sluggers has there problems, with the media expect Griffey. Sosa, was caught with a crooked bat , when he was with the Cubs.
Bonds, the media, love to hate. The press is always bringing up that Bonds, should not be stripped of his homeruns, because they believed that Bonds, took steroids and THG.
A-Rod, whom is playing in New York. The press and the fans along with the media, love to rip A-Rod, a part.
They write that he chokes in the playoffs, they watch every thing that A-Rod, does. The press in New York, is just hard on A-Rod , am too sure that A-Rod, will return to New York, and A-Rod is having a great season. That is how bad it is there in New York.
Then there is Griffey, I cannot find one thing, that is wrong with Griffey. The fans love him, the press and the media loves him.
Hell baseball loves him.
Griffey is having a great year thus far. I do believe, that Jr, well be in the baseball hall of fame, with a first team ballout.
Bonds, should go in with a first time ballout, yet, the sports writers will have to vote him in. And am not sure that they will.
Sammy Sosa, I think it will be a few years after he retires from baseball, and I mean years.
A-Rod, should go on a first time ballout, only if he wins a World Series.
And that is a damn shame.
Even if A-Rod, passes Barry Bonds, as the all time homerun leader.
This is a shame for Bonds, A-Rod, and Sosa, only Griffey, is loved by all out of four.
Nobody should judge these men, not even Jr, if you like them or not you have to respect them on the field.
Well I hope all these sluggers are voted in the hall of fame.
For all the hard work they have done on the field.
Nuff Said

Monday, July 16, 2007

Griffey; how many homeruns, does he have him left?

How many homeruns does are left in Ken Griffey Jr?
Before he needs his career. Jr, already has hit 23 homeruns this season thus far. Which he now has 586, homeruns for his career.
However, can he play for another 4 to 5 years ?
I have written about Jr, what he could have been. If only he stayed healthy.
Now am starting to think that just maybe, that will help his career. Hear me out, Jr, sat out most of his time with the Reds. Now Jr, was hurt, it was not like he sat out, over a new contact. Which is so common place in sports today.
Now I think, and I feel, that Jr, will have 700 or better homeruns, before he stops playing baseball.
Griffey, still has the best swing in baseball.
I really do think he can do it. Just think about it. If Jr, play for another 5 years. And if Jr hits 40 homeruns per season.
That will give Jr, 808 career homeruns.
Now think about that. He can still pass Bonds, now that Barry Bonds, is 43 years old and Jr, is 37 years old.
So do the math, Barry Bonds will retire before Jr, unless Jr, wants to quite, earlier.
then it is up to A-Rod.
Am telling you baseball, fans, I think that we well see the Homerun record, be broken by three different players in the next 10 years.
Of course Barry Bonds, is going to pass Aaron, but then I think Jr, will pass Bonds, and then A-Rod.
Now if you do not see that this could happen, then I suggest that you look at the numbers.
I love Barry Bonds, however, I do believe that Bonds, will only hold the record for about 5 years.
And that Griffey, will come real close to Bonds, or even pass Bonds.
Sammy Sosa, I do not believe that he catch Bonds, yes Sosa, will have about 700 homeruns for his career. Yet, Barry, will end up with 800 or better.
I might be wrong, but you have to look at the numbers. And do the math, yourself.
It just shooks me that no other person has thought of it. Or if they did do the math, I do not want to there name on it.
From that the odds is to great, do they really want to hold on to Ruth, and Aaron. And hate to see the other Athletes, pass there boyhood heros.
Well all the press looks like that is the reason.
Well only time well tell, if the numbers are correct.
Nuff Said

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last time I cryed

Ok, My friend, in the Group From, England. Asked When was the Last Time you Laughed and Cried ?
In her Post on her Blog.
This was my Comment.

When was the last I laughed ?
The last time I had my son, he was playing with his video game.
Driving all over the screen. And keep saying WaWhoo, as he was hitting the other cars, in the Video game. Oh and we get into my car to go somewhere, we play that the Yello Car Game, whenever you see a Yellow car, call it out and you get a ponit for every Yellow Car, but, he gets behind ponit so he will change the car to win. Then it turns into Blue Car 2 ponits Daddy Hah ha. Grenn Truck daddy 2 ponits haha.
I love my son !!!!!!!!!!

When did I last Cry and Why ?
The last time I broke down and cryed, my bloody heart out ?
Well, I do not want to loose any " lummpy Ponits "...........
But am going to be honest !!!!!!!!!!
September 15 2003, My family spilt up, Wife left took our son.
I cryed that night, not for my my Wife leaving, But, I was not going to play with my son before I put him to bed.
I cry every day, maybe not outside, but from the inside, breaks my heart, that I cannot be with my son.
And writing this Post thinking about my son.
The hardest thing to Do, is packing his clothes up every other Sunday. And taking my little boy back to his Mother. I cry the whole drive back, from the time he gives me kiss and tells me " Love Daddy " I cry all the way back, Home

I always end by saying Who loves ya
It is going to be different this time.

Who Loves You Mikey ?
Your DaDDy that is is Who!!!!
I love my my Son.
Nuff Said

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wanting the pain to Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well has nothing to do with sports, what so ever. Yet, I have to get this out off my cheast.

Now have you ever loved someone ?
And you two had to brake up, for whatever reason. Well, I am in love with that one person, that I cannot get out of heart , my mind, she is in my soul. I cannot help it how I feel. My friends just wants me to forget about her.
Well, am hurting real bad over it.
I miss her and our children. How can I make it through the without her. I love her so much. This is so wrong, I cannot believe how this turned out.
I want to wake up from this nightmare, I mean, am going to do anything to hurt myself. I already. Am hurt to much, this real pain.
I have never felt like this before in my life. I cannot deal with this bullshit, am tell ya.
This is not what I wanted not at all. If I could I would go back and change everything, am not going to make it, very much longer.
How can you live with this kind of pain? There is nothing that more than my kids, and her.
My friends thing am out of my mind.
Am not I just want my my family back. And most of all I want the love of my life back.
Nuff Said

Recap; David Beckham and with sexy Wife

David Beckham is married to Pose Spice, earlier I stated that he was married to Sorty Spice.
Am sorry for that.
I made a mistake. Am big enough to say I was wrong.

Recap; David Beckham and with sexy Wife

I would like to say am sorry. I made mistake. Mrs. Beckham, is Pose Spice, Not Sporty Spice.
Am big enough to say, that I was wrong.
However, I still stand on that, our country , is hooked Sex and Sports. It is like a drug , we all take it.
And it needs to change , why do want to know, which Athletes, are dating whoever ? Why do we the fans needs to know ?
Am to blame myself, for I read the stories also.
I really want to know how are doing on the field, on the court , or in the ring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very into stats, Why ? It helps when I do my picks, so I can give a better out look on who and what team will win.
This also informs me, who is a team player, putting there need to set records. And being a ball hog, or a want to be HOT DOG, in the game.
With not a single thought, for there team, on they can help there team win.
Tom Brady, is a Sex symible. However, the man is a great leader. and looks out for his team, and sets his team to win the game.
I hope David Beckham, is that kind of player, I have never been a fan of soccer, so I have no Idea.
I do know for what he is getting paid, he better be a team player. 250 million , I would support anyone that, pays me that kind of cash.
Well like I said I would to say am sorry for calling Mrs. Beckham, Sporty Spice.
Nuff Said

Friday, July 13, 2007

Is David Beckham; worth 250 million

I want to know why is David Beckham, is making 250 million dallars ?
I do not hate on anyone that makes that kind of cash.
But 250 million dallars, who watches soccer in this country?
Am just asking, it is not NFL , NBA , or the MLB. Am just asking a question . I do not understand it.
I know why no one watches soccer, here in America. It is not a contact sport. I guess they are paying Beckham, all that money.
Is to have a super star. In the one sport that no one cares about, only soccer moms.

Well I hope am wrong , I really do. i hope that our country, will become a force in soccer.

And i would like to say, if more kids are in the sport. Only the better.
Nuff Said

A-Rod is worth 35 million per season period

New York Yankees, defeats Tampa Bay

The score was 7 to 3.......
Now the Yakees, needs to thank A -Rod, again for the win.
A-Rod hits 31 homerun , for this season ( 2007 ). Now I A-Rod, had only 35 homeruns last season.
4 more homeruns and A-Rod will match last season. What is more mind freaky, is that A -Rod, is only 5 homeruns away to join the 500 club. A -Rod, will be the youngest player in MLB, history to hit 500 homeruns.

Now if A-Rod, can keep up the pace. He will hit 970 career homeruns, for his career.
Now only time will tell the history.
If we know that A-Rod, will be in the History books for hitting 500 homeruns faster than anyone eles in MLB history.

Everyone, needs to look at that, not Aaron, Ruth, Griffey, Sosa, even the Barry Bonds. Made it to 500 homeruns faster than A-Rod.
A-Rod, will top Barry Bonds, the only one person in history of Baseball, that has this kind of homeruns numbers, is Josh Gibbson.
( Learn more about Gibbson on my blog; 800 or better ).
Now if you can see that A-Rod, is worth 35 million a year, He will break all the records. He is also the best short stop that ever played the postion. Only that Derek Jeter, already has been The Yankees, short stop, and Jeter is the Caption of the team. So A-Rod, had to move to 3 base.

Which I have to say he is the best player to play 3rd base, in current time.
Alright A-Rod, is the best player to play short stop, and he is doing a hell of a great job on 3rd base, he will be the younest player to hit 500 career homeruns.
You tell me that he is not worth 35 mill.
Do not forget, that A-Rod. Will pass the great Barry Bonds, as the all time Homerun leader for his career.
A-Rod, is worth all of the money that he can get.
Nuff said

Be Like Rocky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A childhood hero in Sports.
When I was alittle boy, I loved movies, and sports. I really loved Sports Movies.
Rocky, was one of the best Sports Movies. That is how is saw it, and felt.
Rocky, was a underdog, nobody that he had a chance, to win the World Heavyweight championship !!!!!
Rocky, even thought he would loose at first, from all the years from the crabs. Calling hhim a bum, and he would never amount up to nothing.
Yes, a true, Rocky moment.
Rocky, started to believe he could win. And he did win atleast he did in part two, but in the first one. He won, in my eyes, because it came to a draw.
Yes, he give everyone, crow to eat.
That is how I see myself, that am goiing to win, even if am a Underdog. Now am not going to say nothing bad about the people that are trying to keep me down.
That is not my style.
What I will say is that, I will not give up on my dreams, no matter what these people are trying to get me down.
Just Like Rocky, I will give them a big plate of crow to eat.
For I believe in myself , I do not need a pat on the back, from these crabs.
Am a real man, that is going through the fight of my life. And i want to be a Champion !!!!!!!!!!
Now you might think that is nice, glad to hear it. Good for you Lummpy, way go get back in the game, score that Touchdown.
Do one for the team. You are damn rite !!!!!!!!!!!!
My team, is my family, Bra !!!!!!!!!!!
My mom, my sisters, and my children , and the Love of my life.
I am going to be the best ............
Believe in yourself just like Rocky did !!!!!!!!!!
Nuff Said

Getting Back in The Game

How can you write after, you get upset after what someone said, a hateful comment to you ?
I was in a great mood, ready to post.
So I will post about that, trying to get myself back in the mood to write on my sports blog.
I will get back to my posting on sports after i calm down and get my head back in the Game.

You see when you have friends, they give you shit every now and then.
Just because every now and then, they think they are better than you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck' Em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back in the Game, and am going to be one of the best Sports Blogger, back on this God Lovin Planet!!!!!!!!!
Well Nuff Said.

Mike Tyson one of our greatest Champions

Do you when Mike Tyson, was the World Champion. Once he held all three tittles. Do you remember or is all you can remember is all the bullshit, that Mike caused for himself.
Or should when thinking Tyson, is all you think about is his felt down?
Well I was one the biggest Mike Tyson fans.
And it broke my heart, not when he lost Buster Douglass, but what happened after.
His whole life just went down hill, he regain the tittle. Yet, he was not even close to his hey days as champion the first time.
Mike Tyson, lived a life a Greek story, he was king but fell from grace.
And now he is fighting again. But this time for his life.
Life is to damn short, to be as to live as he did. Everyone of us has problems. It is how get through them.
I know Tyson , is not all that bad. He is not a monster. Even if we all thought he was King Kong, in the ring. Well we did till he ran into Buster.
Now with this said it is brakes my Lummpy heart to see Tyson, in Las Vegas, getting paid by a hotel slash casino. To work out. I mean what is wrong with all these Boxers, that end up broke and broken down.
Don King, did a real good job in taking almost of Tyson's money.
Mike is to blame for that, Tyson, should have let Kevin Rooney, go. That one move right there is when it just started to go down hill for the Tyson camp.
Here is the most feared man on the planet and he let his tittle slip through his hands.
There is no shame to loosing to Douglass, that night.
There is shame what happened to that point, and after.
Now am still a big Tyson, fan. He may not be Boxing any more, now he can get his life together.

Am not one to be preaching not all, trust me. Yet I will not give up on myself and I will not stop fighting to get myself back in line.
So Mike with all that said, I still think you was one of the greatest HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS OF ALL TIME.
I just pray as you can look back on your life that you will see, where you missed up on. Fix what ever demons that haunt you.
I know it is hard. Hell I have to fight my own demons.
Now with all this said to you Mike, good luck. God bless.
Nuff Said

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amanda Beard and Danica Patrick; Sex and Sports

Now lets right down to it; who is more hotter? Amanda Beard , or Danica Patrick ?
Which one is more sexier than the onther ?
Which one of these Babe, would one would you like most to do ?

Now I know Amanda Beard, now has been in PlayBoy. However , I know you have seen the pictures of Danica Patrick , in a Bikin . And if you havn't. I have them on Lummpy"s Sports World".
Now I have to say if I had tom pick out one of two , it would be Danica Patrick....
Why I love her smile, and she is just alittle bit of a hot head.
Now I know you guys are saying. " Lummpy Amanda Beard, is in PlayBoy " !!!!!!!!
However, I think little Danica, is just sexy.
But, what about you guys, who would you want to date ?
Out of Amanda and Danica.
Why is it that we fell for this ?
Sex and Sports, just sucked you in. And me to. Are Athletes, are being passed to us like just Dumd Sex objects or is it Just our culture that turned this way ?
Nuff Said

Sex and Sports; David and Voctoria Beckham

Why is everyone so crazy about David Beckham ?
All I have been seeing on ESPN's Sportscenter is about Beckham.
Now this falls inline with my section " Sex and Sports ".
David Beckham is married to "Spice Girl , Sporty Spice ". Yes I know she is hot. And I know the woman, out there think Beckham is hot.
So I have put them on our List on Sex and Sports.
Am not a big fan of this kind of football. Not at all. Am noy going to bullshit you, by saying I am of of Beckham or his wife Sporty Spice.
I will say this however, that they are superstars. And that they both have that sex appeal that will draw you in.
You the Beckhams are on list. Of Sex and Sports.
Nuff Said

Michelle Wie; Sex and Sports

Michelle Wie; makes our list of one of the sexest women in sports.
Sex and Sports; now that we have started our list. Let us take a look back at our top three.
Amanda Beard , Michelle Wie , and Danica Patrick.
All three are beauiful woman.
Now I am looking more the subject; Sex and Sports. with how we men and some women, look at these athletes.
Is wrong for us to want to see Amanda Beard , in the buff in Playboy. After all she was the that possed for the pictures.

She had to know the outcome. Now i have said that Amanda's sports career is near it is end. With that insight, Amanda, needed something to get her name buzzing in the media and with her fans along with the public.
And bought it hook line line and sinker.
Michelle Wie, and Dianica Patrick are both in a mans sport.
Danica Patrick, is a Indy car racer , and Michelle Wie , is in the LPGA , Wie , tries to enter into the PGA tour were it is all men playing.
She does okay playing against the men, yet , she has failed to make the final cut.
With , Wie , Beard , and Patrick , make leeps in bounds in there sports. They are getting much more covage for there looks.

Sports fans love these pretty ladies, for how they preform and how they posse in pictures.
Only Amanda has possed in PlayBoy,out of three , however , am sure she has raised the bar. Not in her sport, but on how get more press. More fans, and to make sure that you have a career outside of her sport.
Now it is not these ladies fault why we as fans wqant to see them in the buff.
It is there chocie do to bare it all.
Nuff Said.

Oklahoma Sooner Lucked Out

Oklahoma is hit hard by the NCAA, now that have to earse all 8 wins , from there 2005 season.
My home state, Oklahoma. Am a Sooner bread. Oklahoma fan.
And I have to say we lucked out.
It could have a lot worse. Oklahoma, could gotten the Dreaded DEATH PENNAILTY!!!!!
Bob Stoops, is real lucky, that his Sooners , did not loose any Bowl games, or games on TV.
Like Barry Swizter,. was handed in the late 80's.
But I hope this is the last of the troibles for My Soones.
Nuff Said

Will the Yankees keep A-Rod ?

A-Rod, is he going to stay in New York ?
If the Yankees, are smart. They will keep A-Rod, with the Yankees !!!!!!
Now if you are wanting A-Rod to join your team, such as the Cubs, Angless , The Mets , or myself a Giants fan. I really want A-rod to go to the Giants.
I know we have Barry Bonds.
And Barry Bonds is going to break, the All Time Homerun , record.
Yet , A-Rod, is going to be the next baseball player to break the record. after Bonds, breaks it.
It just like when Big Mac, broke Roger Maris's single homerun record. 4 yrs later Barry brakes, Big Mac' record.
It is going to happen fans. Trust me. If A-Rod, hit s 50 homeruns per season for the next 5 yrs.
A-Rod will have about 976 career homeruns.
Hello, of course , I want him to be a Giant, when he passes Bonds. To have three members of the 600 club, that with the Giants. that is almost mind blowing. Willie Mayes , Barry Bonds, and hopefully A-Rod.
Not only that the two homeruns kings being from the same team. That is really mind blowing.

Now if the Yankees, keep A-Rod. They will once again have the homerun king playing with there team. Babe Ruth , will be so glad to see the tittle go back to a Yankees.
That is areason in itself.
But there real reason, is why the Yankees, will keep A-Rod. Is that he sells seats. People will come to see A-Rod.
That is money, think of it this way A-Rod, is a investment. He will make them money !!!!!!!!!!!
New York press and fans have this love and hate thing for A-Rod.
So I do not know if A-Rod, wants to stay in New York.
Either way, if A-Rod , stay with the Yankees , or not . He is going to make alot of cash.

A-Rod, will sign the biggest contact in baseball, again.
He already has the riches contact in baseball, yet , this copming contact for him will be even better. No am not hatin Here.
Make your Money brathar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nuff Said!!!!!!!!

What you do if you are a Multi Millionaire ?

Hello my groupes, I would like to ask you, What would you do if you was a multi millionaire ?
Would you stop working ? Would you take a trip around the world ? Would join all the hottest clubs ?
Or would you do, what I would do, and that is buy a pro sports team ?
Yes, if am every blessesd with being a multi millionaire !!!!
I would buy myself and my children there own NFL team, and NBA team.

It falls back from being a "Die Hard, sports Fan ".
Now I have missed the boat from becoming the next Joe Montana.
Well I have really been thinking about it. I always wanted to play in the NFL, or play in the NBA.
So I ask myself, What is holding you back from your dream or should say goal ?
Well the answer that is myself!!!!!!!!
You are the only person that holds yourself back. If you work hard, and be smart what you do there is nothing that you can do.
If you want to write a book, then what are doing it ?
If you want to go back to school and earn a degree. Then why are you not in school ?
What ever you want gop after it!!!!!!
This world does not give us anything, it will eat uyou up and crapp you out. Nobody, is looking out for more than yourself.
This is how am working for my goals. My taking my money, that I make, and I try to invest it.
That simple, I work hard for my money. And I want my money even work harder for me.
My children means more to me than anything eles in this world. The only person that means more to me is the Love of my life. ( you know how you are ).
Now with that said, I first am trying to make even money to payoff our house!!!!!!!
That is the first thing, that needs to be done. The next thing is to pay off all of our bills.
Now you are saying, that will not give you enough money. To buy you and your children there own NFL team or NBA team.
And you are right. that will not me enough money to buy a pro team.
However, I also said. What are doing, to make your dream possible ?
Myself I write on my blog. If it makes me the money then I am happy and I am just that closer to my goals.
So I blessed that I have this drive.
And I try not let myself, get down if it is going slow. The ponit , is that now, I have the rest of my life to get there.
Do not give up. Do not give up.
I will not give up, I will not give up.
So with that is said, lets start today right now.
Nuff Said.

Start making money on your BLOG

If you are starting a blog, and want to make some extra money with it. Well I have a few ideas for you to look into. Text links ads. Are a great way to make a few dallars. There Google ads, BidVertiser Ads, and AdBrite.
All three are good to use. They are pay per click, ads. Which means when ever a viewer clicks on your ads, you make money from. They also pay by the views, most of them are set up by 1000 views or better. Which you earn from on how page views you have.
Now if you are a new blog , or if you been vloggionmg for off and on. Your page views maybe low, so you will not earn as much from the start.
Yet, hang in there, keep writting your post. You will get there. It does take work.
Now for the last thought on how you can earn on the web. Yes the this time I said the WEB.
There is company that started that pays you to surf.
The name of this company is AGLOCO.
Yes they pay you to surf. You only have to surf 5 hours a mth. That is right only 5 hrs mth.
Here is the link .

Now click and learn about it. I signed up for it.
Hell we all surf, so why do you not get paid fgrom doing it.
Well I hope this post was usefull to you. So if you are going to start a blog, I would suggest you sign up sor these ads progams and AGLOGO.
Well Nuff Said

Montana , Brady, Manning , and Lummpy

When I was a little boy I always wanted to play for the NFL. Joe Montana , was a hero of mine.
I remember watching Joe , moving the 49ers , down the field in the Superbowl. Montana , was so cool nothing shook him up. He wanted to be the best quaterback that ever played.
Now am kidding myself every quaterback , has the same drive to be the best. However , Montana , put all together.
Now in todays NFL , I see two other quarterbacks with same stuff that made Joe into the best.
Tom brady and Peyton Manning, Brady has three Superbowl Championships , and Manning has one. Montana , has four.
Yet , they show the same drive that Joe had to be best.
Now as a grown man , at the age of 35. I have a new dream. I want to best sports writter , on a blog.
I work at this like am in traing. For a heavywieght fight. Yes , I have the same drive that Joe Montana, had, when he was playing Football. And like Brady and Manning has now.
If you have a dream. Then you should work hard at it. Yes , you fall down many times , however , never quite.
I know too many people, that just give up. School is to hard , my boos hates me. I just cannot get a break. My wife or girlfriend left me , I cannot do it now.
I heard them all. How heard it. I said it.
Not too long ago, I just wanted to give up, and lay down and pray to God to take my life.
Now my blog, hyas given me hope. I know that if I put in the work. That , I can be best Blogger, out there in my field. Sports.
Now am saying that am better than the other Bloggers out there. What am saying is that I have a different vocie or style.
That I know that the fans will enjoy reading. Well if that said, I invite you to my blog, I know if you give it a chance you will enjoy it. And that you like what you have read that I have wrote.
Maybe you might disagree , on my thoughts on sports. However , you will enjoy my blog.
So welcome all, To Lummpy's Sports World.
Nuff Said

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doug Williams before he won a" Superbowl "He was A "Outlaw"

Am going to tell you a story about my Father and myself.
When I was a young boy, ( I was 13 ), my dad took me to my first football game.
I remember like it was last week . Am 35 now. I was thinking about it because, I was going through some my old things at my house. And I ran across , a team photo of the " Oklahoma Outlaws ". The year was 1984. My dad and I, went to Tulsa , it us about a hour and half to get there.
We lived in Oklahoma City , and we stopped to pick up one of my dads friends. Dad asked him if he wanted to go.
So we got there at the game , and walked up to the gates , I felt such a rush. Am really here watching a game with my dad. Not just any football game. It was the" Oklahoma Outlaws".

Now I know this was not the NFL , yet, the USFL , could have been as large as the NFL.

The Outlaws Quarterback , was Doug Williams. Yeah, that is right. Doug Williams.
Before Williams , won a Superbowl , for the Redskins , he was our Quaterback. We won that game that day. And the drive back home, it rained the whole drive back home. Man it rained so hard it flooded , Tulsa , and part of Oklahoma City.
But , I enjoyed more than the game. Was spending the day with my dad. It just brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.
My dad passed away on Christmas , 2000. 16 years after that game.
Alot has changed between then and that Christmas. The USFL, is gone and all the good and great players went to the NFL. And my Father is pasted away.
Looking back on it, 7 years later after my fathers passing. It is now 2007, and I want say , that was one of my best times of my life. Because I spent it with my Dad.
Love ya Dad, I miss you.
Nuff Said.