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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Start making money on your BLOG

If you are starting a blog, and want to make some extra money with it. Well I have a few ideas for you to look into. Text links ads. Are a great way to make a few dallars. There Google ads, BidVertiser Ads, and AdBrite.
All three are good to use. They are pay per click, ads. Which means when ever a viewer clicks on your ads, you make money from. They also pay by the views, most of them are set up by 1000 views or better. Which you earn from on how page views you have.
Now if you are a new blog , or if you been vloggionmg for off and on. Your page views maybe low, so you will not earn as much from the start.
Yet, hang in there, keep writting your post. You will get there. It does take work.
Now for the last thought on how you can earn on the web. Yes the this time I said the WEB.
There is company that started that pays you to surf.
The name of this company is AGLOCO.
Yes they pay you to surf. You only have to surf 5 hours a mth. That is right only 5 hrs mth.
Here is the link .

Now click and learn about it. I signed up for it.
Hell we all surf, so why do you not get paid fgrom doing it.
Well I hope this post was usefull to you. So if you are going to start a blog, I would suggest you sign up sor these ads progams and AGLOGO.
Well Nuff Said


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