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Monday, July 09, 2007

"Sopranos" of Pro Sports Leagues

Am sitting here at my house, and am watching "The Sopranos ". Then I start thinking about the NFL , NBA , MLB, . How these leagues are the Sopranos , of all team sports. You have the NBA , which has great ratings , and NBA's basketball players make tons of cash.

The NBA , is on about three times a week.,on TNT , and ESPN. And on ABC , on Sunday afternoons. The players has a contacts on everything , from shoes indorcements , to Video games , and reasturant ads, such as Tony Paker, with Subway. The NBA , is a power house on our TV. However , comes in 3 in in the chain of power inthe the "Sports Mob ".

Now the MLB , which is the Godfather, of Pro Sports. Baseball , was founded in 1876. Yes , it has been around for 132 years. The MLB , has stars that true Sports ICONs, such as Ted Williams , Hank Aaron , Barry Bonds , Willie Mayes , and of course Babe Ruth. There games fill our TV's , airwaves , Baseball fans treat there team and there Players like Rock Stars. Baseball , hats , with team Logos, can be found every where. It is a fasion that will never die. That is why the MLB, is 2 on the Sports MOb list of power.

The leader of this power house, that takes us all in. If you watch sports or not, you cannot ran away from the power and influnce that The NFL , has on us. Not just in our country but all around the globe. By far the NFL, and there team s, there players the fans. Are everywhere.
NFL , has a choke hold around everything, TV, radio talk shoes talk about them. There Super Bowl , is almost a National , hell International Holiday.

Almost every house and bar has a" Super Bowl " party. What other sport league , has that kind of hold on the there fans, and your common joe.
And that is the chain of power , of the Sports Mob, The Sopranos of pro Leagues.

They are on TVs, radios, on new papers. We are sucked in. Like or Not, once you are in the Sports Mob, there is no way out.
Nuff Said.

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