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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Can Barry Bonds, hit 756 career Homeruns, By the All Star Game ?

Now Barry Bonds, with 751 career homeruns. Can he make it to the All Star game, with 756 career homeruns? Bonds has 8 games left till the All styar Game. It is possible for Bonds, to reach the mark, if and I meab if the pitchers in next 8 games will pitch to me. And not walk him.

If Bonds, can make even make it to 754 before the All Star game,there would be no disgrace.

However, how I feel and think about it, that Bonds want to be at 755, or better by the All Star game. That is my thoughts and outlook on it. If you was Barry Bonds, and this close to braking the record, would want to enter the All Star game, with the record ?

I know I would!!! After all the crapp that Bonds, has to put up with, the high and mighty Sports Writters, printing in there papers that there is no way he could hit those homeruns without sterodis. Not only that the United States Goverenment, has a hard to proof Bonds, was on THG or sterodis or both.

So hell yes I think Barry wants to give them the finger and have the record before the All Star game.

It only makes sence that Bonds, is that juiced or hyped. Bonds, just is being Barry Bonds, when he says he does not feel 755, that he feel's 751'. Bonds, said " 751 feels pretty good ".

Barry, I know you want to laugh at these reporters, who have called you a fake. Now they are trying to kiss your ass. For they want the story about the greatest Baseball, player in history, who broke the all time career homerun record. Which brings all other sports records to there knees. So comon Barry, you can do it. Only if they pitch to you.

You have 8 games, Barry. You can do it, I believe the pitchers want to pitch to you. There pride will get in there way not, after all we are talking about MLB, pitchers.

Well Nuff said.

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