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Friday, July 13, 2007

A-Rod is worth 35 million per season period

New York Yankees, defeats Tampa Bay

The score was 7 to 3.......
Now the Yakees, needs to thank A -Rod, again for the win.
A-Rod hits 31 homerun , for this season ( 2007 ). Now I A-Rod, had only 35 homeruns last season.
4 more homeruns and A-Rod will match last season. What is more mind freaky, is that A -Rod, is only 5 homeruns away to join the 500 club. A -Rod, will be the youngest player in MLB, history to hit 500 homeruns.

Now if A-Rod, can keep up the pace. He will hit 970 career homeruns, for his career.
Now only time will tell the history.
If we know that A-Rod, will be in the History books for hitting 500 homeruns faster than anyone eles in MLB history.

Everyone, needs to look at that, not Aaron, Ruth, Griffey, Sosa, even the Barry Bonds. Made it to 500 homeruns faster than A-Rod.
A-Rod, will top Barry Bonds, the only one person in history of Baseball, that has this kind of homeruns numbers, is Josh Gibbson.
( Learn more about Gibbson on my blog; 800 or better ).
Now if you can see that A-Rod, is worth 35 million a year, He will break all the records. He is also the best short stop that ever played the postion. Only that Derek Jeter, already has been The Yankees, short stop, and Jeter is the Caption of the team. So A-Rod, had to move to 3 base.

Which I have to say he is the best player to play 3rd base, in current time.
Alright A-Rod, is the best player to play short stop, and he is doing a hell of a great job on 3rd base, he will be the younest player to hit 500 career homeruns.
You tell me that he is not worth 35 mill.
Do not forget, that A-Rod. Will pass the great Barry Bonds, as the all time Homerun leader for his career.
A-Rod, is worth all of the money that he can get.
Nuff said

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