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Monday, July 23, 2007

A-Rod and the Yankees; Blows out Tampa Bay

A-Rod and the rest of the Yankees, are ram wild on Tampa Bay. The score was 21 to 4.
Everyone of the starters had a hit. I have never seen anything like this before. Well, only when Cleveland had 20 runs on my Yankees.
Well to get back to the Yankees, and A-Rod. A-Rod moves closer to 500 career homeruns. A-Rod is now at 498 career homeruns. And he now has 34 for the season ( 2007).

Boston needs to watch out for the Yankees. Boston's lead is sinking. Game by game. The Yankees, can catch up with the Boston. I think they will be tied for first place by the end of the season.
The Yankees, and Boston, has great history.
Everyone knows about the Babe Ruth, story. Everyone knows about the Yankees, choking in the playoffs against Boston. (2004)

So if the Yankees, can back from being 12 games back from Boston. It will be a great to see the Boston Red Sox, and there fans sweet. I am sorry but after The Red Sox, acted after the 2004 series I cannot help it for pulling for the Yankees.

Yankees, the underdogs. I cannot believe am saying that. That is truly a sin. Yet, I have to say that Yankee, pride will keep them in it. A-Rod, is filled with Yankee pride. He is hitting the ball better than anyone right now. Hell A-Rod, is hitting the ball better than anyone this whole season.
I mean no disrespect to the great Barry Bonds. Or Ken Griffey Jr. Matter a fact am trying to give any disrespect to anyone in the league. I do know that to hit a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports period.
In saying this is A-Rod, worth a 250 million dallar contact ?

Well if I was the Manger I would find away to keep A-Rod, with the New York Yankees.
Would let the best baseball player go. I do not think so. Not if you have the money to keep him.
Think about it. If you was the Owner of the Yankees, would let A-Rod, go to Boston ?

That would just be crazy. A-Rod, is the one player with the Yankees, that is giving his team a chance to catch Boston. Yes, I know Jeter, is doing his part by keeping the Yankees, in the race for the playoffs. Yet, Jeter, is not going far beyond his game to get the Yankees, init.
Jeter, is being Jeter. A great baseball player.

A-Rod, is going way beyond his game. I have not seen a player to have this kind of impact on his team. Only Barry Bonds, and Michael Jordon, has this kind of impact on there team. And I have to put in this group Joe Montona also. The list is very short of players that carried there team.
Lebron James, is another player and D Wade.

All, of these players are worth there contacts that they have signed in there careers. So I do believe that A-Rod, should get his contact. Which is rumored to be up to 250 million.
If A-Rod, get this contact. He will have made about 800 million, from Texas and New York.
That is unbelievable.

Deep inside of me, I would love to see A-Rod, go join Barry Bonds at San Fran. However, I cannot see the Yankees, letting A-Rod, go. Even though, it will cost the Yankees, a arm and a leg.
I just wonder if there will be any Yankee, players will be upset if indeed A-Rod, signs a high dollar contact.
Only time will tell if the A-Rod, will stay with Yankees. Or play some where else.

I just have this last thing to say and I will end with this. Keep A-Rod, Joe and George Steinbrenner. Damn he is worth the money, and besides A-Rod, will bring back the career Homerun record back to New York. Yes, A-Rod, will pass Bonds.

Nuff Said.

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