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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Barry Bonds and A-Rod just needs one more Homerun to make history.

One more to hit. For two two future Hall of Famers.
Barry Bonds needs one more homerun to tie Hank Aaron for the career homerun leader.

A-Rod needs one more homerun to hit 500 homeruns for his career.

Now both of these men will make it to the Hall of Fame. Bonds will pass Aaron to hit more homeruns then anyone else in baseball history in the MLB.
Now, what I think and others that also believe that A-Rod , will even hit more homerun than Bonds.
This is the best time time to be a baseball , never have we seen this records be broken at a pace.

We are also seeing a the baseball bat being passed down from one great hitter to the next.
Bonds is being a true sports in saying that when A-Rod , passes him with the most career homeruns. That he will be there to shake A-Rods hand.
That is something that Bonds is not getting from Aaron.
I pose this question, can a man work out and train to improve his body ?
Without using THG or steroids ?
The answer is yes.
Now , maybe Aaron does not want to still the spotlight from Bonds. Or he does believe that Bonds has cheated.
Now , whatever Aaron thinks about Bonds , he still should give baseball fans and baseball the respect to show up for the Giants upcoming games to watch Bonds make history by passing his great record.
I would like to think that Babe Ruth would have been there to support Aaron pass him as the all time career homerun hitter.
So with this said I understand that Hank went through hell as he was passing Ruth. Aaron , played Baseball in a time were he was called everything in the book expect A Man.
We all understand this.
Yet , Aaron will be doing the same thing to Bonds , if he does not go to the games and watch Bonds set the new record.
I can tell you that I believe Willie Mayes will be there.
To not to give the support to Barry Bonds , by Hank Aaron. Is turning his back on everything that Aaron stood for.
All the years being called names god awful names. I hope Aaron changes his mind and supports another man that is about to make history.

Now , Bonds sees the what is happening to himself and he said he will not do it to A-Rod. When and if A-Rod can pass Bonds. I and many others do expect to see A-Rod to pass Bonds.

This is a damn shame that Bonds has to endure such things from a man who was been through so much worse. When he was still playing Baseball.
Nuff Said

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