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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is there a problem with betting on sports ?

Is there a problem with betting on pro sports ? Or even with betting on college sports ?
I think there is . Everyday there is something in the papers and ESPN about the players and who is doing what and how well they are doing or not doing.
This just feeds us. It gives the fans the insight on the games and the players.

Why do you think they release the report on who is hurt and will play and not play .
This is candy to the bookies and to the fans who bets on there teams.

There is a lot wrong with Pro Sports today however it could get worse.
But thank God that I still be for the most part that the game is and the players are honest and dose not throw any of the games.
Even if it has been done before such as The Black Sox throwing the World series.
and Pete Rose betting on baseball.

Even if these problems came to past I still believe that for the most part the game is on the up and up.

Who will be the next great homerun king ?

Who will be the next homerun king ?
Will it be A-Rod or Ryan Howard, or could it even be Prince Fielder ?

My money is on A-Rod myself yet, Prince and Howard are younger than A-Rod. Prince is in his third year with 74 career homeruns and 44 homeruns for this season thus far. That is mind blowing.
However , Ryan Howard is in his forth year in the major's and has 38 homeruns for this season. But Howard is the fastest player to hit 100 homeruns for his career. That is saying something. Not Ruth or Bonds or even Aaron can say that they hit 100 homeruns faster than anyone.
These players are and were the best in the game.

Now just think about it. If A-Rod , Prince and Howard will change the record books after all A-Rod was hit 500 career homeruns faster than anyone else, take that Howard.
Oh yes by the way Howard your record of hitting 100 homeruns faster than anyone else is going to be tied by Prince or broken by Prince. But do not worry Ryan , you will set a new record very soon for hitting 200 homeruns faster then anyone else.

This is what am been posting about for the last few mths.
That all the records will be broken in baseball in the next few years. That is hitting records.
Everyday it seems that A-rod and Howard and Prince are just hitting bombs out of the park.

There are others that are doing as well , such as David Ortiz and Manny Ramires with Boston.
The game has changed and with all these great sluggers doing so well it is going to be fun to watch the results of there careers.
Yes , all of these players would love to win a World Series , yet , by breaking records and having your name being dropped with all time greats such as Aaron, Ruth, Mayes, and of course Barry Bonds, is saying something else they will become baseball ICONs.

And that is every young boys dream that plays baseball wants to be the next Babe Ruth.
So I ask you who will be next to be the King of Swing ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sammy Sosa is now has 607 career Homeruns

With two more homeruns on Sunday hit by Sammy Sosa, that brings Sosa to 607 for his career.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bonds setting the bar high in the All Time Career Homerun Record

Barry Bonds hits his 28th homerun for the season ( 2007 ).
Which moves the All Time career homerun record to 762.
Bonds just maybe will set the bar to 800 career homeruns. It will take A-Rod another 5 years to reach 800 career homes. A-Rod is at 512 career homeruns thus far in his career.

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A-Rod hits a Bomb. His 47th homerun for the season ( 2007)

A-Rod hits his 47 homerun for the 2007 season that helps his Yankees keep there lead in Wildcard race for the playoffs in AL east.
Seattle won the first game but the Yankees took game two. A-Rod how has 511 career homeruns.
If A-Rod might hit 61 homeruns this season ( 2007 ). Who knows he might be the 5th Baseball player in the MLB to hit 61 homeruns for a single season.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Lummpy's NFL Picks week 1 2007

Thursday Night
Indianapolis over New Orleans

Sunday Afternoon
Denver over Buffalo
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Philadelphia over Green Bay
St.Louis over Carolina
Miami over Washington
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Kansas City over Houston
Detroit over Oakland
Chicago over San Diego
Seattle over Tampa Bay

Monday Night
Cincinnati over Baltimore
San Francisco over Arizona