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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The reason for my Passion for Sports.

Hello fellow Bloggers, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I love this time of the year, with Football going in the middle of the season. And the NBA starting, almost every night there is something to watch, that is if you are into sports. The reason why I enjoy sports like I do is for it brings me back to when people come together to cheer there teams. Strangers sitting together talking about there teams or there sport building a bond. A brotherhood if you want to call it that. I there are more important things to discus other than sports. However, sports give us chance to brake away from the everyday grind. I love sports for this reason it is a release for me a brake from work and from school. I have a passion for the NFL and the NBA It is like the one true love for me. And it will always come back after a long absence. Well I hope everyone can understand the reason why I support sports. Besides I feel it is good for children also lets them develop team work and social skills. So I ask readers and fellow Bloggers give my Blog a chance. Thank You.

Here is my Picture

Okay sports fans if you want to know what I look like here is my Picture.

Monday, October 30, 2006

New England 31 Minnesota 7

New England just took apart Minnesota. I have to say in my thrirty four years I have never seen look as good as the 49ers of the 80's. But New England, to me is just as good as the 49ers.
I thing the Pats maybe in the last game in the playoffs, as champs again.

New England still the Team to beat

Can New England win on Monday Night. I still fell that New England is the team to beat to go to the SuperBowl.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pittsburgh 13 Oakland 20

Pittsburgh 13 Oakland 20

New York Jets 13 Cleveland 20

Browns swarm over The JETS.

New York Jets 13 Cleveland 20.

Philadelphia 6 Jacksonville 13

Mcabb eats dirts.

Philadelphia 6 Jacksonville 13

Baltimore 35 New Orleans 22

Baltimore 35 New Orleans 22
What can I say, New Orleans lost.

Giants over Tampa Bay

Barber brothers playing together, just how sweet.

New York Giants wins a ruff game over Tampa Bay. At the end of the clock Giants 17 Tampa Bay 3.

Michael Vick and his Falcons are flying high

You just have to love Michael Vick.

Michael Vick and his Atlanta Falcons are flying high as wins keep coming. Can you believe that Michael Vick is throwing for over three hundred yards in the last two games? Last week Atlanta beat the Steelers, this week Cincinnati falls to the Falcons. Football fans needs to give much love to the Falcons and the Quarterback Michael Vick.

Colts take the win with two seconds left on the clock

Peyton Manning drives his team down the field, for kicker Vinatier.

Colts kicker Adam Vinatier, wins the game with two seconds left.

Colts take the win with two seconds left on the clock. Manning, marched his team down the field, for kicker Adam Vinatier to nail a 36 yard field goal to win the game. Peyton Manning is growing as a Quarterback, winning this season is not easy without James, as his running back, and his defensive line bang up. Indianapolis, is playing one game at a time, and finding a way to win each game.

Kansas City 35 Seattle 28

Larry Johnson, will not give up, leaps to the EndZone

Kansas City 35 Seattle 28, Kansas City Chiefs, is looking like a playoff team in Herman Edwards, first year as there head coach. Seattle Seahawks, went to the SuperBowl last season, this year looks like if the Seahawks, want to go to the SuperBowl, this season they need to buy tickets for the game.

Tennessee and Vince Young beats Houston

Young runs way for a TouchDown.

Tennessee and Vince Young, beats Houston 28 to 22.

Da Bears is just what we thought they were.

Da Bears, are what we thought they were, a really good defensive team. Bears, just crush San Francisco 49ers, 41 to 10. Now is Chicago, as good as there record 7 and 0. I say yes a win is a win, they just need to keep winning. To prove that they are a good team, that just might become a great team.

Green Bay takes down Matt Leinart and the Cards

Leinart, shows heart, when he is being sacked.

Can the Arizona Cards, bounce back after another lose. Arizona losses to Green Bay, the final 31 to 14, will Arizona win another game this season. Now I would like to see Arizona, to win at least one more game. This is a rebuilding period and Dennis Green, needs at least two more seasons to build this Arizona team. If the GM, of Arizona, fires Green, he will set back his Cards. So time will tell and how this Arizona, team turns out.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Picks for week 8

  • Green Bay over Arizona
  • Atlanta over Cincinnati
  • New Orleans over Baltimore
  • Tennessee over Houston
  • Philadelphia over Jacksonville
  • Kansas City over Seattle
  • Chicago over San Francisco
  • New York Giants over Tampa Bay
  • St. Louis over San Diego
  • Indianapolis over Denver
  • New York Jets over Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh over Oakland
  • Carolina over Dallas
  • New England over Minnesota On Monda night

St. Louis wins The World Seriers.

I was right about how many games the Seriers, however, I was wrong about the winner. I picked Detroit, in 5.
The St.Louis wins the World Seriers, 4 games to 1.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dallas falls to Giants

Dallas fell apart Monday night, with Drew Bledsoe as the QB. Bledsoe, was hit and knocked around like a ragdoll. And was replaced by Roma, however, Roma gave them more moblity as a QB. He threw a INT, and did just as bad as Bledsoe at first then Roma, start to hit his wideouts. Owens, only caught a few balls from both QBs, and he dropped a pass from Roma. Owens, did catch TD pass from Tony Roma, at the end of the third quater. Then Dallas chose to go with a two point converserion, that did work as Roma ran it in. Jones, had a big run, but the other runs was for short gains or lost some yards. Dallas starting to move the ball in the fourth quater. However, lighting stuck again as Roma, through a bad screen pass to Jones, that the Joseph of the Giants picked off. As the Giants took possecion and kicked a field goal. To push the lead to 14. The Cowboys, drove the ball down the field to the 30yard line only to have the Roma through the ball into Giants hands once again and have them score a TD after the pick. Roma did throw a touchdown Cateren, late in the forth to bring it back to a 14 point game with two minites left in the game. Dallas falls to the Giants. 36 to 22

Oakland Raiders wins a game

The Boys in Siver and Black, Celebrate Moss TD.

Randy Moss, catches his 101st career TouchDown.

Oakland Raiders, wins a game. Now I am not being mean to the Raiders, so please donot take this wrong. The Oakland Raiders, have been the Red Headed step child to the NFL, for the last couple of years. The Raider fans, have been on pins and needles, waiting for the there team to win. Not only did the Raiders win, Randy Moss, catches his 101st TD. Now lets see if Moss and the Raiders, can build on the this win throughout the season.

Philadelphia and Washington season could be done

Colts, run over the Washington Redskins.

Matt Bryant, hits a 62 yard field goal to win the game.

Mcabb, gets hammered.

Philadelphia and Washington, season could be over all ready. For two different reasons, the Redskins, cannot win a game. There Offence, cannot move the ball well and has a hard time in scoreing in the red zone. The Defence, is good however, they cannot stop the deep pass for the lack off good Conerbacks. The Eagles, have lost there last two games by a field goal, New Orleans burned the Eagles, by a field goal in last tic's on the clock last week. This week Tampa Bay's, kicker Matt Bryant, hits a 62 yarder. (Now lets think about that kick. Bryant, with that kick is in the record books for the second longest field goal in NFL history. Elam and Dempsey's both hold the record for a 63 yarder). The two losses, will effect the Eagles pychice. Once again the sport writers, are printing that Mcabb, cannot win when it counts the most. Now with the Eagles and the Redskins, out of the divisonal race. Only puts more preasure on Dallas and New York this Monday night, for the winner of the game will take first place in the divison.

Kenny Rogers dirty hand.

Kenny Rogers, dirty hand, was it a factor in the how Rogers, pitched. I do not think so, Yes Rogers hand did have dirt on it, however, Kenny Rogers, is not a dirty player. As a cheater there has never been a case against Rogers, bending rules so why would fans and sports writers crying foul. I just hope the writers, will not dump more dirt on Rogers, hall of fame career like they did with Sammy Sosa, over a kored bat. Besides, after Rogers washed his hands, then Rogers lit up St. Louis. The bottom line is that Kenny's hand had dirt on it only in the first inning. The other seven innings Rogers hands was clean.

Week 7 results.

Week 7 results from the NFL. I am 4 out 12, can I make a come back next week. Now for Monday Night. I pick Dallas over New York Giants.
  • Atlanta 41 Pittsburgh 38
  • Jacksonville 7 Houston 27
  • Caolina 14 Cincinnati 17
  • San Diego 27 Kansas City 30
  • Arizona 9 Oakland 22
  • Green Bay 34 Miami 24
  • Minnesota 31 Seattle 13
  • Philadelphia 21 Tampa Bay 23
  • New England 28 Buffalo 6
  • Denver 17 Cleveland 7
  • Wasington 22 Indianapolis 36
  • Detroit 24
  • New York Jets 31

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Picks for Week 7 in the NFL

NFl Picks by Lummpy

Here are my Picks for Week 7 in the NFL.
Carolina over Cincinnati
New York Jets over Detroit
Miami over Green Bay is my upset for the week.
My buddy at my job thinks that Green Bay will beat Miami.
Jacksonville over Houston.
New England over Buffalo.
Philadelphia over Tampa Bay.
Pittsburgh over Altanta.
My bddy thinks Altanta will win.
San Diego over Kansas City.
Dever over Cleveland.
My buddy picks Cleveland as a upset.
Arizona over Oakland.
Seattle over Minnesota.
Indianapolis over Washington.

And for Monday Night.
Dallas over New York Giants.
Once more my buddy picks New York over Dallas.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

World Series stage set

Who is your pick to win the World Series?

World Series stage set, between St. Louis and Detroit. My pick is Detroit will win, I think it will go to five games with Detroit, coming up on top. Yes the Baseball Gods are working.

Could there be a real threat to the NFL

Could there be a real threat to the NFL, this Sunday. There was a warning this week, that seven dirty bombs will be set off in seven different NFL games this week. Now the government and the NFL big wigs came out and said that there is no true threat. As a fan of the game would you take the chance, to go to any of the Games this weekened. That is the question, that the fans have to ask themselves. This means more then going or not going to the games this weekened, do we as Americans, let those ASSHOLES, scare us or have control over us. Now if I had tickets to a game, any game this weekend I would go. For how I see it, I will not give in to a threat to our country.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

After Dallas Rolled up the Texans

After Dallas rolled up the Texans, next the New York Giants. It will be a battle between the two Quaterbacks. Drew Bledsoe, of Dallas and Eli Manning, New York Giants. Both QBs well have a tuff time moving the ball, because the Defence for both teams fast and hard hitting and will be going after the Quaterback. Bledsoe, or Manning, which one will control the game with running the ball to open up the passing game. And that will be the key to the game, to keep the Defence backed up, so the QB can pass. Running and passing so basic, but it is hard for The NFL teams to run the basics. When the Defence is trying to take your headoff, it because tuff to stick to the basics. Monday Night, well have the drama of two QBs, one at the end of his career, and the other starting his career. One of the OBs will shine like a star.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dennis Green, blows up after lose

Dennis Green, blows up after lose to Arizona. Green, said we know they are and you and you can crown them if you want to. What Green, was saying that Chicago is not that great and they are over rated. And yes Green, is right they let them off the hook. Yes Greens, Cards let him down. If Rackers, would have made that 40yd field goal kick at the end of the game, there would be no talk about how bad of a coaching job Green did. There will be nothing but look at Matt Leinart, played like a champion. So Dennis Green, should stay as Arizonas head coach, and have the chance to build the team into a champion.

Matt Leinart, taking the hit like a Man

Matt Leinart, showed that he is the real deal, last Monday night. Leinart, looked like he has been playing in the NFL, for years and not like a Rookie. Even when the Bears, was hitting Leinart, he stood there and took the hit, and got back up. Not just like a good Quaterback, but like a man. Matt Leinart, you are a talent.

Neil Rackers,needs not feel bad

Neil Rackers, needs not to feel bad for missing the 40yd field goal, that could have won Monday Night Game. Arizona, all round let the Bears, steal the game from them, from running the punt return to score a TD. It is not the fault of the kicker, the team let the coaches down and the fans.

Cards praying to the Football Gods.

As Neil Rackers, was kicking the missed 40 yard field goal attemp. The Cards was praying to the Football Gods.

Bears can they be beat

Bears can they be beat? The D-Fence of the bears was just to strong. Or are they just lucky? I was just in shock seeing Arizona, just whip on the Bears. Alnight till, there thrid quarter, the D-fence and speacial team scored all the pionts. The Cards, should have won the game. Matt Leinart, looked like he has been in the NFL, for years. Leinart, showed that he can play with the big boys in the NFL. Almost even looked like Joe Montona, as he was driving the Cards down the field, in the final tic's of the game. Only to lose by a missed 40yd field goal. Dennies Green, was forced to watch for 58seconds,as Da Bears, run out the clock. Oh, I feel the pain. To lose the game like that is heart breaking. However, Da Bears can be beat, there D-fence cannot save them every game. Sooner or later, Chicago, has to score on the other side of the field. Yes there Defence is strong and maybe the best in League, however, they can push there way into the playoffs, but if they want to be in the SuperBowl, the need to put some points by the QuarterBack and running game. For Monday, night's game, is in the books Bears 24 Arizona 23.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Roll Over The In State Texans

Dallas Cowboys Roll Over The In state Texans.
T.O. catches three TouchDowns passes from Drew Bledsoe, and from Tony Romao.
Is all well In the Long Star State. Only time well tell.

The results from my NFL picks for week 6

Gaints 27 Okay NFL Fans I am 7 out 13
Atlanta 14 How ever if you look at most of my losses was 3 points or less.
Houston 6 There was a game I lost by 10, and another by 13.
Dallas 34
Buffalo 17 I was just alittle off this week I try to bounce back next week.
Detroit 2o
Seattle 30
St. louis 28
Philadelphia 24
New Orleans 27
Cincinnati 13
Tampa Bay 14
Tennessee 25
Washington 22
Carolina 23
Baltimore 21
Miami 17
New York Jets 2o
Pittsburgh 45
Kansas City 7
San Diego 48
San Fran 19
Oakland 3
Denver 13
Chicago 24
Arizona 23

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lummpys NFL picks for WEEK 6

Buffalo over Detroit
Carolina over Baltimore
Dallas over Houston
Atlana over NY Giants
Philadelphia over New Orleans
St. Louis over Seattle
Washington over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over Kansas City
New York Jets over Miami
San Diego over San Francisco
Denver over Oakland
Chicago over Arizona
Cincinnati over Tampa Bay

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here are My results from Week 5

Lummpy's Results for Week 5 In the NFL.
Are 10 out of 14.
Okay I lost 4 games, this week lets see if I do better this week.
Week 6 picks are coming this Friday.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Great Sunday

Wow It has one heck of a Sundy, some great NFL games. And my picks are about 87% right. I would like to see every Sunday, just like this one.

My Picks for week 5 Sunday Games 10 out 13

Here are my picks to win in the NFL, week 5. Chicago Bears will shut down Bufflo. Carolina will beat Cleveland. Minnesota will run all over Detroit. New England will kill Miami. St. Louis will crush Brett Farve's Green Bay. New Orleans will jack up Tampa Bay. Indianapolis comes up strong against Tennessee. NY Giants will win a close one over Washington. Kansas City over Arizona. Jacksonville over NY Jets. Oakland will upset San Francisco. Dallas wins a real close one to Philadelphia Eagles. Pittsburgh will bearly beat San Diego. Baltimore whipps Dever. There are my picks for week 5 in the NFL.

Okay football fans I am 10 out 13
for Sunday games; Monday Night I picked Balitmore over Dener

Chicago Bears 40 Bufflo 7, St. Louis 23 Green Bay 2o; Indianapolis14 Tennessee 13;
Detroit 17 Minnesota 26; Miami 10 New England 20; Tampa 21 New Orleans 24;
Washington 3 New York 19; Cleveland 12 Carolina 20; New York Jets 0 Jasksonville 41;
Kansas City 23 Arizona 20; Oakland 20 San Francisco 34; Dallas 24 Philadelphia 38;
Pittsburgh 13 San Diego 23.

Every week I give my NFL picks

Hello sports fans, every week I am going to post my NFL picks, for upcoming games. I am throwing out these picks for fun, however, I have studied all teams, I also am very of my picks in through out the season and into the playoffs, you will see just how much I know the game and how much if I have on the player. I introduce my my picks no later by Friday night before the games. So lets get real, people and take it to next level of play.
If you disagree with my pick feel to comment.

Eagles Big D to Strong for Cowboys

The Eagles big D to strong for the Cowboys, at Philadelphia. The cowboys kept the game close into the fourth quater, then Dallas lost the game to a intercepition in the end zone. The Eagles ran it back to score at the oppesite end of the field. Dallas Quaterback Drew Bledsoe, was sacked, hit, knocked down and throw down durning the game. T.O., only caught the ball four times for 48 yards. Mcnabb, however, looked great throwing the ball for over 300 yards with three touchdowns and ran in for one touchdown. The Eagles, and Cowboys, lived up to all the hype from these last few days. Both teams played hard, but the Eagles comes through with the win 38 to 24. I cannot wait till these two teams meet up again this season. Even if you are a fan of Dallas or Phila, or a fan of the NFL. This was a great game to watch well I hope everyone enjoyed the game as I have.
Now my picks reults will be up after the late game tonight, for week 5 in the NFL.

Randy Moss can he catch up with T.O.

Randy Moss, is just behind Oweans, in touchdown catches. Now with Moss, with the Oakland Raiders, for the last two season, Moss, has been quiet, because the Raiders, are one of the worst teams in the league. There are only four wideouts to catch 100 or more touchdowns and Oweans is one of them, Moss, is almost there in the at 99TDs, Oweans at 102TDs. Oweans, has a better chance to stay head, untill Moss, and the Raiders can improve there QB, for the QB postion has been the raiders down fall. With that in hand Moss, can catch Oweans and pass him and stay ahead, only if the Raiders can improve or trade Moss. T.O., is a good wide receiver, but my outlook Moss is better wide receiver, and will have a better chance to break Jerry Rices, all time Touchdown Receiver, at 197TDs.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Baseball Gods, are they real

Can the the Tigers, win it all at the end of the season. Just out of no were the Tigers, finish strong, to knock out the Yanks. Last season it was the White Soxs, and even The Red Soxs, before them, could the screw be turning for all the teams that only could dream of the glory and the fame of winning a chamnpionship in MLB. For the Red and White Soxs, teams of the last two seasons, or even The Diamondback. These teams are winning the World Series. Now if the Tigers, can win the World Series. I will start praying to the Baseball Gods, for Barry Bonds and the Giants, to win it all in 2oo7. For there must be Gods of baseball, then if the Tigers win it all. For they are a good team, not a great team, however, they have shown heart. And a heart, is all A Champion needs. I hope the Tigers, will go on and win it all. For the Tigers, in my eyes are champions. GOODLUCK TIGERS.