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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Barry Bonds hits his 746 career home run

Barry Bonds hits his 746 career home run. Bonds is 9 home runs to tie Aarons 755 career home runs. Bonds needs 10 home runs to brake the record. Barry Bonds will make history when he passes 755. Like him, hate him, love him, just face it. Bonds is a great player, and one day Barry Bonds will be in the Baseball Hall of fame.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Utah Jazz wins in over time over Golden State

Utah Jazz wins in over time over Golden State. Final score Utah 112 Golden State 117, Utah takes a 2-0 lead in the second round. By Mike D Lunsford

Phoenix ties up the series with San Antonio

Phoenix ties up the series with San Antonio, 1-1 in the series. The final score Phoenix 101 San Antonio 81.

Cleveland wins game two, over New Jersey

Cleveland wins game two, over New Jersey. Final score 102 to 92

Barry Bonds hits 745 career homeruns

Barry Bonds hits 745 career homeruns. Bonds is now ten homeruns to tie Hank Aaron. And 11 homeruns to brake Aarons record. Barry Bonds will brake the record, it looks like the recond will be broke by mid June. Good luck Barry and stay healthy big man. I cannot wait till you brake this Holy record of all sports. Barry Bonds name will be in history books for passing and braking the record. I do think before Bonds retriers his record number of homeruns will be at 870 to 900 career homeruns. How Bonds is playing he could be playing for another 3 to 4 more years.
By Mike D Lunsford

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Goldenstate vs Utah game 1 in the second round

Goldenstate vs Utah game 1 in the second round, was another close game Utah wins by 4. The final score Utah 116 Goldenstate 112. I expect this series to go 6 games, this series is up for grab, either team can pull the win through, yes another great game to watch. By Mike D Lunsford

Monday, May 07, 2007

Detroit guns down Chicago

Detroit guns down Chicago, in game two in the second round. Detroit 108 Baby Bulls 87.

San Antonio and Phoenix pounded each other

San Antonio and Phoenix pounded each other in the ground, in the in game one of the second round in the western series. Nash and Parkers, fought hard all night. Then the crash between Nash and Parker, was brutal, with Nash bleeding from his noise and Parker, rolling around in pain. Whoever wins this series will most likely win the Championship. I can not wait to see game two, between these great teams.
The first game ended San Antonio 111 to Phoenix 106.

Cleveland takes game one from New Jersey

Cleveland takes game one away from New Jersey. King James and all of his men took the New Jersey Nets, heart out in the first game in second round. To start the series so strong for Cleveland was what they need to do, however, New Jersey falling so hard was the last thing they needed. Now Carter, Kid, and the rest of the Nets looked, flat tried in game one. Nets better bounce back in game two or there run in the playoffs will be a short one. I personal believe that the series will end 4 to 2, in favor of Cleveland. Lebron James wears number 23, now we all know the player in Chicago, that also wore number 23. That won 6 championships, yes Michael Jordon. Could Lebron James, fill his shoes? Way to early to tell for now, only time will tell if King James, can walk in a Basketball God's shoes. By Mike D Lunsford.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mayweather wins by a Split Call over De La Hoya

Mayweather wins by a split call from the judges over Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy looked good at times, but it was all show, while Mayweather, was scoring real points. The fight went the distance, which anytime a fight goes the distance and judges has to make the call, is always frighting. For anybody could see the fight different. But I feel they made the right call by awarding the fight to Mayweather. By Mike D Lunsford

Utah Jazz defeats Houston Rockets

Utah Jazz defeats the Houston Rockets in game 7 of the first round in the western series. In a very close game at the end, however the Jazz moves on to the second round. The final score 103 to 99 in the favor of Utah. By Mike D Lunsford

Detroit takes game one from Da Bulls

Detroit takes game one from Da Bulls in a big way. Detroit racked up 95 points against Da Bulls. The final score was 95 to 69. This is going to be hard for Chicago to over come, by being crushed by Detroit in the first game in the second round of the series.

Barry Bonds hits 744

Barry Bonds hits 744!!! Bonds has hit 10 homeruns for the season, with 744 career homeruns. Barry Bonds, is now only 11 homeruns away from tying Hank Aarons, career homerun record of 755. This is the most holy of all sports records, and alot of sports writers and fans and players and coaches dose not want Bonds to brake Aarons record. Too bad because it will happen, not only will it happen it will happen very soon in weeks. Not only is Barry Bonds, on track to brake Aarons record, Bonds is on pace to brake his single season record of73 homeruns in a single season. At this rate Bonds should hit 75 homeruns by the end of the season. Just think about it Bonds with 809 career homeruns by the end of this season. Wow I feel like a child waiting for Christmas. By Mike D Lunsford

Chicago Cubs 5 runs to Washington 3

Chicago Cubs score 5 runs to Washington 3 runs.

New York 8 Seattle 1

The New York Yankees score 8 runs on Seattle. The final score was New York 8 to Seattle 1

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Nets take game 6 from Raptors

The Nets take game 6 from Raptors to close out the first round. In a very close game 6, Raptors had a two point lead in the closing, however, the Nets had a great 3 point run. The closing seconds is what makes Champions. On both sides of the ball the winner and loser of this kind of game to close to call down to the wire. The finally score was Nets 98 Raptors 97, you can Nets was lucky or you can it was to be. Either way it was a great game and a good series. By Mike D Lunsford

Barry Bonds starts the season strong

Barry Bonds starts the season strong with 9 homeruns. At this pace can Bonds not only brake Hank Aaron career homerun record of passing 755, can Barry brake his own single season homerun record of 73. He could it looks like Bonds can hit 75 homeruns this. I would love to see Barry set both records. By Mike D Lunsford

Randy Moss now a Patriot

Randy Moss now a Patriot, will it work out? I think so Moss wants to win, and Brady wants to win again also. Just maybe being at Oakland, for the last few years has taught Moss, how much he wants to be a team player? Or is Randy Moss, going to like T.O. and destroy another team? Am not saying Moss destroyed the Vikings or the Raiders. He did not help himself on both his past teams, however, Moss never had a head coach like Bilichick or a quaterback like Tom Brady before either. Now I feel that New England, will be the team to beat, just by getting Moss. Moss is the best wideout in the game, yes he maybe alittle slower now. However, he is still Randy Moss. He will make plays and he will be double covered, which in return will leave open the other wideout or the tightend. Yes New England, looks good on paper right now. But that is on paper now they just need to play. Then we will see how good they are and how will Moss will work with the rest of his teammates a.k.a. Tom Brady. By Mike D Lunsford

Just saw Spider-man 3

Just saw Spider-man 3, I loved it, great movie!!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dallas is out of the playoffs

Dallas is out of the playoffs. Goldenstate shuts down Dallas, by crashing them at there own game. 111 to 86, in game 6. Goldenstate is very hungry right now and they are going to be hard to beat. Now how far can they go is yet to seen. But for right now Goldenstate is the little ant that pushed the rubber tree plant. Enjoy it Goldenstate. By Mike D Lunsford

Rockets and Jazz tied

Rockets and Jazz tied 3 to 3. Jazz 94 Rockets 82. Now this series is not sexy to Basketball fans, however the it has been fun to watch the Jazz and Rockets go back and forth nether has the edge over one another. This is the only two teams that are very matched up with each other and that friends has made it the best series so far in the playoff. However the Jazz or the Rockets, will not go far in the second round, for there is a mountain of team to go through in the Spurs. By Mike D Lunsford

Spurs knock out Denver

Spurs knock out Denver out of the first rounds. Spurs looks goods like they good win at all. Suns will be a real hard test. Who ever wins when they meet will win the championship.

Josh Gibson 75 homeruns

Josh Gibson hit 75 homeruns in 1931 season.

8oo or better

800 or better have been reported, career homeruns that Josh Gibson, has hit in his career. In the BaseBall hall fame, which Josh Gibson inducted in 1972, has Gibsons plaque stats almost 800 career homeruns. Now others say Josh Gibson hit 972 career homeruns. Well 800 or better,such as 972, which am giving him full credit. Gibson should be the one true homerun king. At the very least Josh Gibson, should be tied with Hank Aaron at 755 homeruns. Now we the fans, all know that will never happen, however we as fans and everyday people should give Gibson, credit when we talk about the best homerun hitters of all time. Yes Gibson belongs in the same league 0f all time greats such as Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Kenny Griffen JR, and not last or by very least Barry Bonds. So in closing BaseBall fans, remember 800 or better.If you are asking who is Josh Gibson? Gibson know as the Black Babe Ruth, played in the Negro League, from 1930-1946. Josh Gibson died January 20 1947 from a stroke spawned from a Brain tumor, at his mothers house looking at his trophies and laughing and telling stories about career. Gibson was reported to have lived life with a great glee, and he died the with with great glee. By Mike D Lunsford

743 Oh Barry Bonds

743 Oh Barry Bonds, Bonds hits his 743 career homerun, now like I have written just two days ago, I hope Bonds hits 800 homeruns. Sports writers have to love this, Barry Bonds, is the most important player in BaseBall right now. Like him, hate him, fan or not of Bonds learn to enjoy what this great player is doing in the game. After a bad season last year, Bonds is on the eve of braking a Holy record in the Baseball world. Oh how sweet it is going to be when Barry brakes 755. 12 homeruns to tie Aaron, clean or dirty Bonds is on his way to brake the Holy recorded. Barry Bonds, please stay in the game one more season. Piss off the writers and try to reach Josh Gibsons, record of career homerun record of 972. Now that is the record, 972 should be in the books. No sports writer brings up Gibsons career too but I will push that subject later, for now lets push Bonds unbelievable run to the Holy record in sports. By Mike D Lunsford

The Suns burn up the Lakers

The Suns burn up the Lakers, the Lakers fall to the Suns, 4 to 1. Bryant needs help next season or Bryant needs to be traded, if he wants to be part of a championship team again. No Kobe, bashing just telling the truth. Now am not a fan of Kobe Bryant, yet I will be honest to say Bryant is one of the best players that has played the game. On the other hand like all great players, they have or had a large ego. Bryant seems to have grown and over come his ego, now if he stays with the Lakers for another ring, he have to wait for years because the lack of skilled players on the team. Bryant, needs to shop for another team for a chance to be on a winning team again. Now back to the Suns, lead by Nash, they are ready to win it all this season, one test remains in the way the Spurs. If the Suns can get passed the Spurs, then look out NBA fans, for the Suns can have a run like the Lakers did in the mid to late 90's. I love this game. By Mike D Lunsford

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mavs pull one through

Mavs pull one through past Goldenstate, with a 15 to 0 run in the forth quarter. Now the series will go to at least a game 6. I do believe that the Mavs, will lose and will have to change in the off season, such as a better Defence, on fast brake. Goldenstate out played Dallas, even worse they beat Dallas, by using there going to beat them with there game plan and by there former Head Couch.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Barry Bonds, hits 742 career homerun. Bonds, will brake the record of 755 set by Hank Aron. Like it or not it will happen. Bonds, is great no matter some sports writers will write about him. I hope he hits 800 homeruns. Barry, please Barry, stay in the game as long you can. Even if you have to go to a new team, Piss them all off Big Man.

Watch Spiderman 3

Watch Spiderman 3, no downloads here, Buy a ticket!!!

Spurs are up 3 to 1 over Denver

Just in Spurs are up 3 to 1 over Denver, you know they are still pretty good team. LOL. Ok am not kidding the Spurs in my book is still the est team in the NBA. Every year they make a strong run in the Playoffs, i will not be shocked if they win it all again.

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3, in theaters every where May 4. Just let you know, if you did not know. LOL

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, we lost the Hornets however we might get those Super Sonics of Seattle. Our city dose need a team, PLEASE DAVID STERN, all of us Sooners and Cowboys needs a NBA team.

Pistons take away the magic

Pistons take away the Magic, in 4 straight.

The Suns are up 3 to 1 over the Lakers

The Suns are up 3 to 1 over the Lakers. The Suns will take down the Lakers and move on to the next leavel in the playoffs.

Cleveland Moves on past The Wizards

Cleveland moves on past The Wizards. All hail King James!!!!!!

Da Bulls knock out DA Heat

Da Bulls knock out DA Heat. Thats ok Miami won it all last year and I believe DA Heat can do it again if they stay healthy.

Peterson is a Viking

Peterson is a Viking. OU Runningback, might have along career in the NFL.