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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What makes Barry Bonds a Sports ICON

What makes Barry Bonds, a Baseball ICON. These are my thoughts on it. He has always been a team player. Whatever is best for the team, he does it. For the good of the team and not himself.

The chace to 756 ? Is not just for himself, yet his team the Giants, and the Owner of the Giants all benfit, from Bonds, run to 756.

Seats are being filled, and that means more moneyu for the the owner to spread out to the players.

It is good for the the Whole MLB , How ? Samething , fans show up to see the greatest homerun hitter of all time. All over the leagur, fans comes to see Bonds, catching Aaron.

Tv ratings are up, Sports radio host, have always something about Bonds. Good or bad. all of the sports world, is talking about Bonds.

Now the next thing is that Bonds , is a true friend , he has never been caught saying anything really bad about any other player that I know.

He always giving Ken Griffey Jr, great phrase , even if Bonds, is joking about Jr. Bonds, always giving the upmost respect. Now with A - Rod, chacing Bonds, now. The roles is reversed.

Bonds, is sitting a career homerun record. While A-Rod, looks like he is chacing Bonds. Bonds, always talk about A-Rod, as a true friend. Bonds, has always tried to give respect to current and past players, even when they give me crapp and call him a cheater.

Now my last ponit, Barry Bonds , is a family man. He is never been caught at a bar, or out chacing a skirt, on the road. He tries to keep the media away from his wife and children.

Barry Bonds, is a True Baseball ICON, just like Babe Ruth, and others such as, Ted Williams.

Nuff Said.

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