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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last time I cryed

Ok, My friend, in the Group From, England. Asked When was the Last Time you Laughed and Cried ?
In her Post on her Blog.
This was my Comment.

When was the last I laughed ?
The last time I had my son, he was playing with his video game.
Driving all over the screen. And keep saying WaWhoo, as he was hitting the other cars, in the Video game. Oh and we get into my car to go somewhere, we play that the Yello Car Game, whenever you see a Yellow car, call it out and you get a ponit for every Yellow Car, but, he gets behind ponit so he will change the car to win. Then it turns into Blue Car 2 ponits Daddy Hah ha. Grenn Truck daddy 2 ponits haha.
I love my son !!!!!!!!!!

When did I last Cry and Why ?
The last time I broke down and cryed, my bloody heart out ?
Well, I do not want to loose any " lummpy Ponits "...........
But am going to be honest !!!!!!!!!!
September 15 2003, My family spilt up, Wife left took our son.
I cryed that night, not for my my Wife leaving, But, I was not going to play with my son before I put him to bed.
I cry every day, maybe not outside, but from the inside, breaks my heart, that I cannot be with my son.
And writing this Post thinking about my son.
The hardest thing to Do, is packing his clothes up every other Sunday. And taking my little boy back to his Mother. I cry the whole drive back, from the time he gives me kiss and tells me " Love Daddy " I cry all the way back, Home

I always end by saying Who loves ya
It is going to be different this time.

Who Loves You Mikey ?
Your DaDDy that is is Who!!!!
I love my my Son.
Nuff Said

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