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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why Pro Sports Leagues are loosing Fans.

What in the hell are is wrong with with our three major Sports leagues.
People are Leagues are in trouble. NBA, NFL, MLB.
Michael Vick , is in trouble over the dog fighting with the Feds.
A Ref, in the was beating on games with Mob ties.
Bud Selig, with MLB. Cannot not make up his damn mind if he will be there when Bonds breaks the Homerun record.

Lets just face it people, our teams our players, and the Refs, and owners, and the men and woman that run these leagues. Need help. They are taking a pounding.

This why, some sports fans give up on Pro Leagues. And start supporting college team sports.
This a big black eye, and and bloody lip.
Now, the NCAA has there problems to. Yet , it is no where close in the same ball park to there Pro sports counter parts.
This is so very damaging to our fans. We trust the players and all the way up the to the owners , to keep the game clean. No foul play from the outside.

No I know, that the Michael Vick story. Does hit the NFL dead in the nose. Vick has the best selling Jersey for the NFL. With that said Vick puts seats in the stands. Vick brings high TV ratings. Vicks style of football is loved by the fans , by the fellow teammates and by the league and other teams and players couches. The media, Vick is a highlight reel just by himself.
So yes this hurts the NFL.

Bud Selig, please get of your but and go to the games and watch Barry Bonds , break Aarons homerun record. Shake Bonds 's hand and tell him good job. It oes not matter if you think he cheated. Bonds has never tested postived for THG or steroids. I know you and Aaron are goods friends. Yet , do your job and support Bonds.
Barry puts seats in the stands. He is making your league money. Period!!!!!!!!!

The NBA Ref , that has been caught with Mob Ties , and placing beats on the games that he Refereed. He may have changed the out come on these games. Wow, that hurts. The NBA , has the worst case then the other two leagues.
Just think about it. This Ref , could have effected the outcome of the NBA season . The playoffs , and the Championship.
That hurts. Now , this is so much like The Chicago Black Sox.
This could almost kill the NBA.

I just hope that our sports leagues can get through this fast. This just shows you that it just takes just one person to crush our sports leagues.
Now that is scary it is very scary.

Hallar At Me If you Hear Me !!!!!!!!

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