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Monday, November 06, 2006

Brady looks like his girlfriend dumped him.

Is it me or dose Tom Brady look like his girlfriend dumped him.

Manning passing not just the football but Manning passes Brady

Brady throwing every thing that he had to keep up with Manning.

A picture tells the story; Tom Brady was beaten by Peyton Manning late Sunday night. At New England, now New England did look good but Manning looked even better.
And if Manning is going to win a Super Bowl he needs to do it this season or next season before father time sacks him. This season looks really good for the Colts, however, Brady said it best this is week 9 and not the playoffs. For if you lose in the playoffs you go home. Now if you lose in week 9 you still have the rest of the season to play and try to make it in the playoffs. Brady knows this was the biggest game of the regular season. Yet it dose not really count till they meet in the playoffs. Brady and his Pats have beaten the Colts and Manning in the playoffs on the way to all three of there Super Bowls victories.
So we the fans ask if this could be the year for Manning. Manning’s team fell apart last season after going 12-0, then losing two games at the end of the season with a record 14-2. Then they lost in playoffs, in the second round, and the Colts was the team that was going to win the Super Bowl. I hate to sound like everyone else but that is why they play the game. The regular season is only half through, who knows what is going to happen. A lot more football is yet to be played.

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  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Brady does look like his girlfriend dumped him.


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