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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Should Terry Tank Johnson been waived

Should Terry Tank Johnson been waived from the Bears?

My answer is yes. Tank had his chance to stay out of trouble with the law.

Should Terry Tank Johnson, be pick up by another team in the NFL ?

Again I say yes. Tank, is not a bad guy, by all means. He may not be all that bright, to be driving after he had a few drinks.

Now why does Tank, needs to go to a different team?

He needs a fresh start in his Pro life and as in real life!

It is up yo himself to change, yet, the NFL, has worked with other NFL, players before.

Such as Ray Lewis, remember when Ray was going to court?

Am not going to say for what for no need in bringing up old dirt.

Ray Lewis, has shown that he wants to play in the NFL, and Ray has alsown he wants to stay out of trouble also.

The whole point is everyone will drop the ball, it is how we pick up the ball. And nobody has the right to keep you down, without just cause. Terry Tank Johnson, will be in the NFL, again how long he stays in the league is up to me, and only himself only. Nuff Said.

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