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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why Roger Clemens is the Greastest

Why Roger Clemens is the greastest Pitcher of all time.
Awards1986-ML-AS MVP1986-AL-CYA1986-ML-Major League Player of the Year1986-AL-MVP1986-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year1987-AL-CYA1991-AL-CYA1991-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year1997-AL-CYA1997-AL-Triple Crown1997-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year1998-AL-CYA1998-AL-Triple Crown1998-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year2001-AL-CYA2001-AL-TSN Pitcher of the Year2004-NL-CYA

MVP (YrLg-Rk-Shr)1986-AL-1-0.861987-AL-19-0.021990-AL-3-0.541991-AL-10-0.151992-AL-14-0.041997-AL-10-0.141998-AL-11-0.122001-AL-8-0.172004-NL-8-0.142005-NL-22-0.02Car-73-2.20 shares

CYA (YrLg-Rk-Shr)1986-AL-1-1.001987-AL-1-0.891988-AL-6-0.061990-AL-2-0.551991-AL-1-0.851992-AL-3-0.341997-AL-1-0.961998-AL-1-1.002000-AL-6-0.012001-AL-1-0.872004-NL-1-0.882005-NL-3-0.257 Cy YoungsCar-1-7.66 shares


ERA1986 AL-2.48-11987 AL-2.97-31988 AL-2.93-51990 AL-1.93-11991 AL-2.62-11992 AL-2.41-11994 AL-2.85-21996 AL-3.63-71997 AL-2.05-11998 AL-2.65-12000 AL-3.70-22001 AL-3.51-92004 NL-2.98-52005 NL-1.87-1Act-3.10-4

Wins1986 AL-24-11987 AL-20-11988 AL-18-41989 AL-17-61990 AL-21-31991 AL-18-41992 AL-18-41997 AL-21-11998 AL-20-12001 AL-20-22003 AL-17-52004 NL-18-2Act-349-1Car-349-8

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