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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit: Update

In Chris Benoit's house the police found sterdois, and other drugs. It has been reported that sterdois can change your state of mind. Now they call this "roid rage", where you cannot control your anger. Now this dose not change any thing. There is no reason for Chris Benoit, to kill his son, and wife.

I am not trying to throw Benoit, under a bus. However, this is hard to understand. Why Chris Benoit, killed his family. I have watched Benoit, on WCW Nitro, and then on WWE Raw, for years. Chris Benoit, has enterianted fans of the WWE, for years.

The Owner of the WWE, Mr. McMahon, must be pulling his hair out. Another WWE Super Star's death, but there has never been a story like this. Talking about bad timing of a bad joke, Mr. McMahon, faked his own death last week. Now I know alot of people do not like McMahon, for alot of different reasons. For one every year it seems like one of his superstars dies, way to soon.

But back to Benoit:

Nancy Benoit, applied for a protection order against her husbend Chris, before. I would like to think that Chris Benoit, would have had treatment for the way he treated his wife. There had to be signs that Chris Benoit was troubled. I think Mr. McMahon, should provide his employess his so called Super Stars, the help, when they need it, after all Vince they are making you a rich S.O.B. The show must go on Vince, right.

For years people are going to ask the question "Why did Benoit, do it."

I feel the question should be why, A man who had it all, gets so lost in his mind to kill his famliy.

And why no one saw it coming. Nuff Siad

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