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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sports the world of hope.

Sports the world of hope .

I have been sitting at the local IHOP , thinking of what sports mean to me . Now , it came to me . I think of sports as a release of stress real life . That is why I don't get upset when one of my teams loose . For example when Oklahoma lost to Florida , for the BCS Championship game . I love my Sooners . However it is a game .

There is alot of stress in th real world to go around , for everyone . Stocks falling , people loosinng there jobs . I mean come on people , life throws us a fast ball straight to the head all the damn time . Let us just enjoy the game , and not get all serious about it .

Now , the other thought I had about sports is sex . We all want to have sex . I want to have sex right now , however I am on my labtop . talking to you . Sex and sports , goes together like steak and A1 . It just does a fact of life . We all hope to find that one person to be with . And we want to win the at work . Like getting that office job , trying to out do our coworkers .

Sports takes away the pain from real life shit that happens .
It is hope that we ca do better . Than day before . Just like when a new season of football , every team has hope to do better , than the jast season .

So my fellow fans of real life , lets keep that sence of hope that we can be better . Than last season or yesterday .

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