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Monday, January 12, 2009

The most powerful tool

The most powerful tool in the lorld of sports .

Sex appeal . It drives the fans to watch their teams and cheer them . We would like to be Tom Brady , for just one weekend .

Pulling the women that he gets. Or to be the Face of The Dallas Cowboys , to have Jessica Simpson as your girlfiend .

Yes , sports is not all about bone crushing hits , or slam dunks , or even homeruns . It is also about the pretty boy , that gets all the Babes .

Im not hating anyone , play on players . I just want to be drafted in the game .

Any red blooded man wants to be .

Im just upfront and honest about it.

Well , I have become a walk on . And trying out for the team . I aint saying that Im going to out play Mr. Brady . I just want to play , as a average player . Lol !

No hatin here .

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