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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Game of the year

The game of the year , the Super Bowl is almost upon us . And I am , a sad fan.

Not from my team is not playing in the Super Bowl . But from the fact the season will be over for the year , untill the next Fall . Oh yes it is going to be a sad sorry day for me . However , their is no hits or no mad runs to the endzone .

It will be filled with the draft and trade rummors . And so on . That is not enough for this fan . I have to have more , maybe I will run out and watch another sport like Basketball . Now that my City , has our very own NBA team . The OKC Thunder .

Yeah , I love the NBA , I just hope it can fill the hole in my heart from no Football .

Lets , all take time to remember this season , and all the Drama .

Sniff Sniff , I am still sad .

Damn Off season .

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