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Sunday, March 22, 2009

OU mens Basketball Showdown with Syracuse

OU Men's BasketBall Showdown with Syrause , is on Friday Night at 6:27 .

Can Blake Griffin , and the rest of the team get passed Syrause?

Which brings me back in the mid 80's when oklahoma made it to the final. Only to lose to Kansas in the final round, so the Sooners have never won a basetball championship in the NCAA. Is Oklahoma only going to be a football progam. That wins the big game?

As much as I would like to see Oklahoma win the NCAA championship, I doubt that they will get passed the final eight. Only to have the Sooner fans heartbroken again, just like in the 80's when the Sooners lost to the kansas Jayhawks with Danny Manny.

Which brings to the thought should we be a one man show with Blake Griffin contolling the game. Or should we be a run and gun offense. Which works other teams such as North Carolina. I don't want OU to lose however with Blake being the main offensive weapon, and the rest of the team picking up the scraps that he leaves behind.

In conclusion I hope along with the rest of the fans that history does not repeat itself. Can Oklahoma have their hearts broken in another championship series?

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