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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oklahoma Sooner's Crush Syracuse

Oklahoma Sooners Crush Syracuse , Friday night .
There was some post-game discussion as to what might have been the turning point in Oklahoma's 84-71 victory over Syracuse .
The most appropriate answer might have been the start of each half.

The Sooners jumped to a 10-2 lead to start the game and began the second half with a 17-3 run. Everything else was just the Orange trying to keep the score close.

"I thought Oklahoma played tremendous today," Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. "They were very good offensively in both halves."
The Sooners had some open looks, and they couldn't seem to miss. The Orange had some open looks, and they couldn't seem to make.

Syracuse point guard Jonny Flynn played well throughout with 22 points and six assists. By the time his fellow guards started hitting 3-pointers in the second half, the game was out of reach.
"Oklahoma just was a better team than us tonight,"

Flynn said. "Blake Griffin (30 points, 14 rebounds) is as good as advertised, and (Tony) Crocker came out there and had a tremendous shooting night (6 for 11 on 3-point range and a career-high 28 points).

Oklahoma just took control of the game . Nobody saw this coming even Syracuse . I have not seen a team get crushed like this in a long time . Can Oklahoma be beaten ?
Or was this game , a fluke ?

I think the Sooners can run the table , only if they spread the ball around . Like the did last against Syracuse .
Everyone on the Oklahoma team seemed to hit everything last night . Yes , I do believe they was in the Zone .
A reporter asked Boeheim ,
Flynn, a sophomore, eventually was asked if he planned to leave school early for the NBA Draft.
"Anybody that would ask him right now what he's doing is an idiot," Boeheim said. "Not a journalist. He's an absolute idiot. But that's OK. There are some players and coaches that are idiots too."

The Sooner Nation , needs more than a elite eight , round for the Sooners . They need their first NCAA Basketball Championship .

That will make this season complete for the Sooner State , the School , and yes their team.

The Orange Men of Syracuse , is a good team . However they just got out played Friday night .

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