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Friday, June 05, 2009

Red Sox Ortiz needs Eye Glasses

BOSTON (AP) — Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, who's been battling a slump, will get his eyes checked Monday.

Manager Terry Francona said Friday that Ortiz has had dry eyes and he and the team just want to put the issue "to bed."

Ortiz said Thursday he doesn't believe his season-long slump has anything to do with his eyes. He has been hitting .187 with a single home run this season.

Ortiz didn't play in Boston's 6-3 win at Detroit Thursday. On Wednesday, he hit a two-run, bases loaded double against the Tigers.

Francona said the exam is routine and should not cause people to overreact.

"Lets put this to rest a little bit," Francona said. "I had a feeling that would get some legs. First of all, I should never have not played him because he gets talkative when he doesnt play. That was my fault. He had dry eyes on this last trip and he was blinking a couple of at-bats so he went to the trainers.

"Theyre just going to dilate them and thats all that it is. His eyes are pretty good."

by the associated press

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